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For the TCG expansion, see Fusion Strike (TCG).

Icon used on Fusion Strike style cards
An example of a Fusion Strike Pokémon

Fusion Strike (Japanese: FUSION(フュージョン) Fusion) is a category of cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. They were introduced in the Fusion Strike expansion and mix the strengths of the Single Strike and Rapid Strike styles, strengthening their own Pokémon while weakening the opponent's. Fusion Strike cards are distinguished by a pink Fusion Strike label superimposed on the card art below the HP and type. Certain attacks, Abilities, Trainer cards, and Special Energy cards interact specifically with Fusion Strike cards.

List of Fusion Strike cards

Fusion Strike Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Shelmet Grass Fusion Strike Common 013/264 Fusion Arts C 007/100
      Start Deck 100   026/414
Accelgor Grass Fusion Strike Rare 014/264 Fusion Arts U 008/100
      Start Deck 100   027/414
Oricorio Fire Fusion Strike Rare 042/264 Fusion Arts U 017/100
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH168 VSTAR Universe   022/172
      S-P Promotional cards   S-P
Crown Zenith GGH GG04/GG70 VSTAR Universe AR 176/172
Clamperl Water Fusion Strike Common 065/264 Fusion Arts C 023/100
Huntail Water Fusion Strike Rare 066/264 Fusion Arts U 024/100
Gorebyss Water Fusion Strike Rare 067/264 Fusion Arts U 025/100
Toxel Lightning Fusion Strike Common 106/264 Fusion Arts C 036/100
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH209 S-P Promotional cards   236/S-P
      VSTAR Universe   043/172
Toxtricity Lightning Fusion Strike Rare Holo 108/264 Fusion Arts R 037/100
      VSTAR Universe   044/172
Crown Zenith GGH GG09/GG70 VSTAR Universe AR 181/172
Deoxys Psychic Fusion Strike Rare Holo 120/264 Fusion Arts R 045/100
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH170 VSTAR Universe   060/172
Crown Zenith GGH GG12/GG70 VSTAR Universe AR 185/172
Meloetta Psychic Fusion Strike Rare 124/264 Fusion Arts U 048/100
Dreepy Psychic Fusion Strike Common 128/264 Fusion Arts C 049/100
Drakloak Psychic Fusion Strike Uncommon 129/264 Fusion Arts U 050/100
Dragapult Psychic Fusion Strike Rare Holo 130/264 Fusion Arts R 051/100
Latias Dragon Fusion Strike Rare 193/264 Fusion Arts U 074/100
SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH171 VSTAR Universe   105/172
      S-P Promotional cards   S-P
Crown Zenith GGH GG20/GG70 VSTAR Universe AR 195/172
Latios Dragon Fusion Strike Rare 194/264 Fusion Arts R 075/100
      VSTAR Universe   106/172
Smeargle Colorless Fusion Strike Common 209/264 Fusion Arts C 080/100
Eiscue Water Brilliant Stars Rare 044/172 VMAX Climax   041/184
Oricorio Psychic SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH210 S-P Promotional cards   242/S-P
Fusion Strike PokémonV
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
MewV Psychic Fusion Strike Ultra-Rare Rare 113/264 Fusion Arts RR 039/100
Fusion Strike Rare Ultra 250/264 Fusion Arts SR 105/100
Fusion Strike Rare Ultra 251/264 Fusion Arts SR 106/100
Crown Zenith Ultra-Rare Rare 060/159 VSTAR Universe RR 053/172
GenesectV Metal Fusion Strike Ultra-Rare Rare 185/264 Fusion Arts RR 069/100
Fusion Strike Rare Ultra 254/264 Fusion Arts SR 108/100
Fusion Strike Rare Ultra 255/264 Fusion Arts SR 109/100
      VSTAR Universe RR 102/172
HoopaV Darkness SWSH Black Star Promos   SWSH176 Fusion Arts RR 066/100
Fusion Strike Rare Ultra 253/264 Fusion Arts SR 107/100
Crown Zenith GGU GG53/GG70 VSTAR Universe SAR 231/172
Galarian Mr. RimeV Water Astral Radiance Ultra-Rare Rare 049/189 S-P Promotional cards   235/S-P
Fusion Strike PokémonVMAX
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
MewVMAX Psychic Fusion Strike Rare VMAX 114/264 Fusion Arts RRR 040/100
Fusion Strike Rare Rainbow 268/264 Fusion Arts HR 118/100
Fusion Strike Rare Rainbow 269/264 Fusion Arts HR 119/100
Lost Origin TGS TG30/TG30 VMAX Climax UR 280/184
      VSTAR Universe RRR 054/172
Fusion Strike Trainer and Energy cards
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Chili & Cilan & Cress Su Fusion Strike Uncommon 227/264 Fusion Arts U 098/100
Fusion Strike Rare Ultra 258/264 Fusion Arts SR 115/100
Fusion Strike Rare Rainbow 273/264 Fusion Arts HR 124/100
Cross Switcher I Fusion Strike Uncommon 231/264 Fusion Arts U 090/100
Crossceiver I Fusion Strike Uncommon 230/264 Fusion Arts U 089/100
Elesa's Sparkle Su Fusion Strike Uncommon 233/264 Fusion Arts U 096/100
Fusion Strike Rare Ultra 260/264 Fusion Arts SR 113/100
Fusion Strike Rare Rainbow 275/264 Fusion Arts HR 122/100
      VSTAR Universe   150/172
Crown Zenith Rare Ultra 147/159 VSTAR Universe SR 246/172
Power Tablet I Fusion Strike Uncommon 236/264 Fusion Arts U 092/100
Fusion Strike Rare Secret 281/264 Fusion Arts UR 126/100
      VSTAR Universe   139/172
Fusion Strike Energy Rainbow E Fusion Strike Uncommon 244/264 Fusion Arts U 100/100
      VSTAR Universe   172/172

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 匯流 Wuihlàuh
Mandarin 匯流 Huìliú
France Flag.png French Poing de Fusion
Germany Flag.png German Fusionsangriff
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesian Bentuk Fusion
Italy Flag.png Italian Colpo Fusione
South Korea Flag.png Korean 퓨전 Fusion
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Golpe Fusão
Spain Flag.png Spanish Golpe Fusión
Thailand Flag.png Thai จู่โจมแบบฟิวชัน Chuchom Baep Fusion

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