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The Quick Guide to Fire-Type Pokémon a pamphlet included within the Pyroar Box of the Flashfire expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The content features strategy for the new Fire-type cards introduced within the expansion, as well as a section to build a deck featuring the Pyroar promo card included in the Box.

Pyroar's Fire Tricks

The Pyroar Box comes with Pyroar (of course) plus two really great Trainer cards: Blacksmith (XY—Flashfire, 88/106) and Fiery Torch (XY—Flashfire, 89/106). What do these cool cards do—and how do they work together? Let's find out!

Pyroar (Black Star Promo, XY26)

This Pyroar has the Royal Flare attack, which costs FireFireColorlessColorless and does 120 damage to your opponent's Active Pokémon! Yowza! It also discards 2 Energy attached to Pyroar—but that's OK, because the Blacksmith card attaches 2 Fire Energy from the discard pile to 1 of your Fire-type Pokémon! They work together in a great team to keep the damage coming.

Blacksmith and Fiery Torch

The combo is simple: Fiery Torch lets you discard a Fire Energy card from your hand to draw 2 cards. Blacksmith lets you attach 2 Fire Energy cards from your discard pile to 1 of your Fire-type Pokémon. So, discard, draw, and reattach the Energy. Burn through your deck faster!

Fuel for Victory

Better yet, Blacksmith is always fueling your Fire-type decks and reducing the downside of attacks like Slugma's (XY, 20/146) or Simisear's (XY, 23/146) Flamethrower, Talonflame's (XY, 28/146) Flare Blitz, or Braixen (XY, 25/146) Fire Tail Slap. Sure, you discard attached Energy as part of those attacks, but if you have a Blacksmith, you can get it back easily. You're recycling your Fire Energy right back into play—so you don't run out of fuel!

Fire Deck Basics

To build a Fire deck, you need a good mix of fire and fuel, enough to stomp down opposition quickly. Fire decks burn hot, but they can also flame out fast, so build carefully. As a starting point, use about 15 Fire Energy, 4 copies of your favorite Basic Fire-type Pokémon, and 16 Trainer cards to keep your hand full of cards and your opponent off balance. Include Pyroar, Blacksmith, and Fiery Torch from this box, and don't go over 60 cards in your deck!

Famous Fire-type Pokémon of the XY Series

Charizard-EX (XY—Flashfire, 11/106 and 12/106, and Black Star Promo, XY17): You can find two of these Charizard-EX in the Pokémon Trading Card Game: XY—Flashfire expansion, and another one in either the Charizard-EX box or the Mega Charizard Box (depending on where you live). All three have attacks for over 100 damage each—not to mention they all have 180 HP! The promo Charizard-EX even has a special attack that lets you look through your deck to find Mega Charizard-EX. (Amazing that such a big Pokémon can be so hard to find!)

M Charizard-EX (XY—Flashfire, 13/106): This one has the biggest attack in the game: Crimson Dive costs FireFireColorlessColorlessColorless, but does 300 damage to the opposing Pokémon. Instant Knock Out!

Fennekin (XY, 24/146), Braixen (XY, 25/146), and Delphox (XY, 26/146): Laugh at the Basic Pokémon with just 50 HP if you want, but that Will-O-Wisp does 20 damage for Fire, which isn't a bad start. Better still, Fennekin evolves into Braixen and then into Delphox.

Delphox has the Mystical Fire Ability to make sure you always have 6 cards in your hand, and a Blaze Ball attack that starts at 50 damage and adds 20 more for every Fire Energy attached to it. That could easily be a 110-point attack or much, much more!

Fletchling, Fletchinder, and Talonflame: Fletchling is not a Fire-type, but it evolves into one. Fletchinder has Flame Charge in case you are short of Fire Energy, and Talonflame can either force your opponent to shuffle away a good hand, or do 100 damage for FireFire (although you have to discard all its attached Fire Energy. Boom!

Litleo (XY—Flashfire, 19/106) and Pyroar (XY—Flashfire, 20/106): Litleo is small, but Pyroar is another story. Its 110 HP is just part of the picture. While it has less HP than Charizard-EX, its Intimidating Mane Ability makes it totally immune to attack damage from your opponent's Basic Pokémon—including Pokémon-EX! That's a big deal.

Simisear (XY, 23/146): Simisear's Flamethrower does 90 damage for FireColorlessColorless and an Energy discard. Yowch!

Slugma (XY, 20/146): The Flamethrower attack does 50 damage to an opposing Pokémon, but like most Flamethrower attacks, this one requires that you discard an Energy from Slugma.

Torkoal (XY—Flashfire, 16/106): The Live Coal attack of Fire for 20 isn't bad, but the Flamethrower—80 for FireFireColorless is where it's at. On a coin flip, you loose an Energy attached to Torkoal, but that's well worth it for a 100 HP Basic Pokémon. (Especially if you have a Blacksmith to recycle that Energy!)

Roaring Flames Deck

This is a deck with powerful speed and serious Knock Out potential! Three of these cards are included in the Pyroar Box—see if you can find and trade for the rest!

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Pyroar Fire Rare Holo
Pyroar Fire Rare Holo
Litleo Fire Common
Charizard-EX Fire Rare Holo
Charizard-EX Fire Rare Holo ex
M Charizard-EX Fire Rare Holo ex
Emboar Fire Rare Holo
Pignite Fire Uncommon
Tepig Fire Common
Blacksmith T Uncommon
Fiery Torch T Uncommon
Evosoda T Uncommon
Professor Sycamore T Uncommon
Professor's Letter T Uncommon
Shauna T Uncommon
Superior Energy Retrieval T Uncommon
10× Fire Energy Fire E

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