Furious Fists Player's Guide (TCG)

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Furious Fists Player's Guide
Furious Fists Player Guide.jpg
ISBN: None
Published: 2014
Publisher: The Pokémon Company International
Author: Wolfgang Baur

The Furious Fists Player's Guide is a booklet included within the Furious Fists Elite Trainer Box detailing the Furious Fists expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The booklet is written by Wolfgang Baur and was published by The Pokémon Company International in 2014. The content features strategy for the new cards introduced within the Furious Fists expansion as well as a complete checklist for the expansion.


Welcome to the Pokémon TCG: XY—Furious Fists Elite Trainer Box!

The first section gives a brief introduction of the Furious Fists expansion, detailing the what the Elite Box contains, as well as a short overview of what is covered in the expansion.

New Mega Evolution Pokémon

Let's get right to it: Mega Lucario-EX and Mega Heracross-EX are fighters! They don't have fancy tricks, they have fancy fists. Or paws. Or horns. You know what we mean. They're scrappy, and they battle hard.

Here's a look at these kings of the ring!

Mega Lucario-EX (55/111)

Mega Lucario-EX has 220 HP, and it brings the Rising Fist attack that does 140 damage! That's a heavy hit—plus, Rising Fist also removes an Energy attached to your opponent's Active Pokémon. This has definite possibilities!

Mega Heracross-EX (104/111)

Mega Heracross-EX has 220 HP, just like Mega Lucario-EX. Its Big Bang Horn attack does 180 damage to start with, so on first glance it's stronger than Mega Lucario-EX's attack—but Big Bang Horn gets weaker as this Mega Evolution Pokémon is damaged, losing 10 damage for each damage counter on Mega Heracross-EX. Of course, this means that healing Mega Heracross-EX makes its attack stronger again!

New Special Energy: Herbal and Strong

Special Energy is always exciting, because of the way it makes new deck types possible and encourages a wider range of combos and connections. The new Special Energy cards in Furious Fists are laser-focused on supporting Grass-type and Fighting-type decks.

Herbal Energy (103/111)

Energy that can only be attached to Grass Pokémon is new, and beyond that, this Energy only provides a benefit while attached to a Grass type. The benefit is pretty clear: attaching it heals 30 damage from the Pokémon you are attaching it to! This is like an Energy card and a Potion in one, which makes it efficient and highly playable. All Grass-type decks just got better!

Strong Energy (104/111)

Similar to Herbal Energy's Grass-type restriction, the new Strong Energy can only be attached to Fighting Pokémon and provides Fighting Energy only while attached to one of those Pokémon. Unlike the defensive Herbal Energy, though, Strong Energy makes the Pokémon it's attached to hit harder! When Strong Energy is attached to hit harder! When Strong Energy is attached to one of your Fighting Pokémon, its attacks against your opponent's Active Pokémon will do 20 more damage. Note this doesn't apply to your opponent's Benched Pokémon!

This card alone makes a strong argument for why players of Fighting-type decks will love the Furious Fists expansion. A must-have for the fast and the furious!


These big guys are much easier to bring into play than the Mega Evolution Pokémon, and they pack a huge wallop! Let's review the 5 new Pokémon-EX in the set—and note that 5 of them come as both a regular version and full-art rare Ultra card.

Heracross-EX (4/111 and 105/111)

It's nice to hit an opposing Pokémon while increasing your defenses at the same time. Attack with Guard Press for 40, and it reduces attack damage by 20 on your opponent's next turn. And Heracross-EX can use Giga Power to finish off opposing Pokémon: it does 80 damage normally, or you can choose to boost that to 120 and have Heracross-EX do 20 damage to itself. A good deal, most of the time!

Seismitoad-EX (20/111 and 106/111)

The Quaking Punch of Seismitoad-EX prevents your opponent from playing Item cards next turn (no Evosoda for you, opponent!) and its Grenade Hammer does 130 damage for WaterWaterColorless. There's the tiny drawback of doing 30 damage to 2 of your own Benched Pokémon, but that might be a price worth paying for the Knock Out! And of course, nothing says you need to keep 2 Pokémon on your Bench at all times. Also there's a nice combination with Mountain Ring (97/111) as well—that Stadium card prevents all damage done to Benched Pokémon by attacks.

Lucario-EX (54/111 and 107/111)

One-two-triple combo attacks! Missile Jab for 30 damage is not affected by Resistance, Corkscrew Smash for 60 draws you extra cards (up to 6 in your hand), and Somersault Kick does a flat 100 for FightingFightingFighting. This is a well-oiled Fighting-type machine!

Hawlucha-EX (64/111)

If there's ever been a Pokémon made for flashy moves, it's Hawlucha, and this Hawlucha-EX does not disappoint! Its Counterattack Ability is stomp-a-rific, dropping 2 damage counters on any Pokémon foolish enough to attack Hawlucha-EX. And the Moonsault Stomp attack is even better, doing 100 damage whenever there is a Stadium card in play. Hawlucha-EX loves to play to the crowds, baby!

Dragonite-EX (74/111 and 108/111)

Speaking of Pokémon-EX with Abilities, this one is a doozy. The Bust In Ability means that when you play Dragonite-EX from your hand, you may move as many basic Energy as you like from other Pokémon you already have in play to Dragonite-EX. Better still, if you do, Dragonite-EX gets to switch in as your new Active Pokémon! Talk about swooping in by surprise: Dragonite-EX just comes out of nowhere!

Fossil Pokémon Restored!

Pokémon you can restore from Fossils have been around for a long, long time (get it?). But with the Furious Fists expansion, they're easier to get into play, and a couple have new Abilities worth checking out. Let's take a look!

Tyrunt (61/111) and Tyrantrum (62/111)

The Restored Pokémon Tyrunt comes into play with the effect of Jaw Fossil (94/111), and it is all about the big teeth. The Gnaw attack is FightingColorless for 30, and Crunch is FightingColorlessColorless for 50 plus a coin flip to discard Energy from your opponent's Active Pokémon. Not bad, but the real munching starts with Tyrantrum (62/111)

These attacks are among the very biggest, and certainly impressive for a card that is not a Pokémon-EX! The Chew Up attack costs FightingColorlessColorless and does 150 damage to an opposing Pokémon with Special Energy attached, and Giga Impact does 150 damage for FightingFightingColorlessColorless every other turn. Not much can stand up to a Tyrantrum in a stand-up battle!

Amaura (92/111) and Aurorus (110/111)

The Restored Pokémon Amaura has a nice Stampede attack for 20 damage and Aurora Beam for 50 damage. It comes into play with the effect of Sail Fossil (98/111).

Aurorus has Icy Wind for 70 damage that makes the opponent's Active Pokémon sleep, but its biggest treasure is the Ice Shield Ability. This grants protection to all your Water Pokémon that have Water Energy attached—any attack form an opponent is reduced by 20 damage. That's a big shield in a Water-type deck!

Fossil Researcher (92/111 and 110/111)

This Trainer-Supporter card lets you search for 2 cards, either Amaura or Tyrunt or both, and put them onto your Bench. This makes Restored Pokémon a lot easier to bring into play. You don't necessarily need Sail Fossil or Jaw Fossil when you've got science on your side!

Pokémon TCG: XY-Furious Fists Checklist

This section lists out the 111 cards of the XY—Furious Fists expansion, and their rarities.


Original Japanese Game

  • Executive Producer
  • Producer
  • Original Game Design
  • Game Development
  • Game Director
  • Art Director
  • Special Thanks

English-Language Version

The Pokémon Company International

  • Producer
  • Director of Production
  • Director of Product Development
  • Production Coordination
  • Project Coordination
  • Translation
  • Theme Deck Development
  • Rulebook Writing
  • Elite Trainer Box Booklet Writing
  • Editing
  • Design Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Card Typesetting
  • Packaging Illustrations
  • XY—Furious Fists Logo
  • Special Thanks To
  • Kenji Okubo
  • Richard Simpson
  • Yasuhiro Usui
  • Russ Foster, Traci Thomson, and Jay Moon
  • Junko Takaba
  • Tim Hove
  • Mike Fitzgerald
  • TPCi Editing Staff and Dylan "ExoByte" Mayo
  • Wolfgang Baur
  • Eoin Sanders and Hollie Beg
  • Eric Medalle
  • Kumi Okada, Kevin Lalli, Hitomi Kimura, Doug Wohlfeil, and Adam Law
  • Ginny Baldwin
  • 5ban Graphics
  • Kevin Lalli
  • Creatures Inc., The Pokémon Company, and The Pokémon Company International

Pokémon TCG: XY-Furious Fists Showcase

This final section details the two Furious Fists Theme Decks: Dark Hammer and Enchanted Echo.

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