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Tangelo Island.

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Pokémon Park
野生ポケモンの森 Wild Pokémon Forest
Tangelo Island Forest Section.png
Pokémon Park
Region Orange Archipelago
Debut The Lost Lapras

Pokémon Park (Japanese: 野生ポケモンの森 Wild Pokémon Forest) is an attraction located on Tangelo Island. It made its only anime appearance in The Lost Lapras.

After being lulled to sleep by Jigglypuff, Ash and Misty's blimp crashed into Pokémon Park. At the time, they thought they may have been stranded on a deserted island. Misty then worried that they would have to eat bugs for the rest of their lives. Suddenly, a group of tourists appeared, causing Ash to wish that the island they were on really was deserted.

They soon learned, via a public address announcement, that Pokémon Park is an amusement park, and a very popular destination for tourists in the Orange Islands.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 野生寵物小精靈森林 Yéhsāang Chúngmaht Síujīnglìhng Sāmlàhm
Mandarin 野生神奇寶貝森林 / 野生神奇宝贝森林 Yěshēng Shénqí Bǎobèi Sēnlín
Italy Flag.png Italian Parco Pokémon
Poland Flag.png Polish Park Pokémon
Sweden Flag.png Swedish Pokémon-parken

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