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This article is about the theme park. For setting in PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure, see PokéPark (game).
The logo used in both of the PokéParks

Pokémon the Park 2005, or PokéPark, was, as its name implies, a theme park devoted to Pokémon. It was originally located on the former site of the Sasashima Cargo Station in Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, Aichi (Sasashima Live 24 Land Redevelopment Project Site) in Japan. It opened on March 18, 2005, and closed on September 25, 2005. It was located at Route 758.

Admission to the park was free, but there was a fee for each attraction visited. Prepaid e-money, or Edy cards, were available online and could be used to pay for attractions in the park. Pre-ordering a special PokéPark Edy card enabled holders to special offers and gifts. These cards could be pre-ordered from November 19, 2004 to February 28, 2005.

There are a total of twelve attractions in addition to a game arcade, an event stage, shops, and cafés. The park's attractions were prominently featured in animated form in "Hello! Thank You!", the fifth Pokémon Sunday ending.

After PokéPark closed in Japan, it was moved to Taiwan, where it was open from June 23, 2006 to September 24, 2006.


A photo of PokéPark
Map of the PokéPark

Bumper Car Battle: Aqua vs. Magma

Choose a Team Aqua car or a Team Magma car, and face off against the opposite team in a bumper car battle.

Twister: Fury in the Sky

Ride in a roller coaster shaped like Rayquaza and experience thrills like in Destiny Deoxys.

Gotta Dance Tour

Relive Gotta Dance!! on this musical ride.

Alto Mare Gondola Cruise

Ride on a ship shaped like Latios and Latias that flies high up in the air and crashes down into water.

Lugia's Spinning Ship

Navigate boats through swirling water and around Lugia.

Pokémon Star Swing

Ride on a swing with Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi.

The Pichu Brothers' Rascal Railway

Take a train ride with the Pichu Brothers, Wynaut, and Munchlax.

Pokémon Giant Ferris Wheel

Ride in a giant ferris wheel with cars in the shapes of various Poké Balls.

Pikachu Forest

Ride through the air in Pikachu-shaped cars.

Mudkip's Big Splash

Ride on a log flume shaped like Mudkip and splash down into a water pool.

Pokémon Merry-Go-Round

Ride on a merry-go-round with Raikou, Entei, and Suicune instead of horses.

Meowth's Party Cafe

A restaurant run by Team Rocket's Meowth.

3D Movie: Find Mew!

A 3D movie where you follow Pikachu and Meowth on a quest to find Mew.

Safari Park

Experience the real thrill of capturing Pokémon in the Safari Zone.

Pokémon Store R

Buy Pokémon plushies, figures, and cards from a store run by Team Rocket.


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Main article: List of Japanese event Pokémon distributions (Generation III) → PokéPark Eggs

The following Pokémon were available as promotions.


These Pokémon were distributed as Eggs at the park from March 12 to May 8, 2005. Each Pokémon has special moves they otherwise would not know by any method.

Psyduck Egg Spr 3f 054.png
Pichu Egg Spr 3r 172.png
Igglybuff Egg Spr 3r 174.png
Corsola Egg Spr 3r 222.png
Taillow Egg Spr 3r 276.png
Surskit Egg Spr 3r 283.png
Whismur Egg Spr 3r 293.png
Skitty Egg Spr 3r 300.png
Plusle Egg Spr 3r 311.png
Minun Egg Spr 3r 312.png
Spoink Egg Spr 3r 325.png
Spinda Egg Spr 3r 327.png
Cacnea Egg Spr 3r 331.png
Corphish Egg Spr 3r 341.png
Wynaut Egg Spr 3r 360.png


This Pokémon was distributed at the PokéPark event in Japan from March 18 to May 8, 2005. Unlike the others, it was not distributed as an Egg, and did not know any special moves. This Meowth is always holding a Glitter Mail.

Meowth Spr 3f 052.png

Mythical Pokémon

These Mythical Pokémon were distributed exclusively at a second PokéPark event in Taiwan over different periods in 2006.

Mew Spr 3f 151.png
Celebi Spr 3r 251.png
Jirachi Spr 3r 385.png

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring the PokéPark or its Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Two special premium files were released to commemorate the opening of the first PokéPark in Japan: PokéPark Blue and PokéPark Forest. Only PokéPark Forest included cards with PokéPark in their name, though the PokéPark logo is featured on all cards from the two files. Several promotional reprints of these cards were also given away with attraction ticket purchases.

PokéPark Forest artwork
PokéPark Blue artwork
Related cards
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
PokéPark's Celebi Grass       PokéPark Forest   001/009
      PCG-P Promotional cards   044/PCG-P
PokéPark's Torchic Fire       PokéPark Forest   002/009
      PCG-P Promotional cards   047/PCG-P
PokéPark's Mudkip Water       PokéPark Forest   003/009
      PCG-P Promotional cards   048/PCG-P
PokéPark's Pikachu Lightning       PokéPark Forest   004/009
      PCG-P Promotional cards   043/PCG-P
PokéPark's Latias Psychic       PokéPark Forest   005/009
PokéPark's Latios Psychic       PokéPark Forest   006/009
      PCG-P Promotional cards   045/PCG-P
PokéPark's Whismur Colorless       PokéPark Forest   007/009
      PCG-P Promotional cards   046/PCG-P
PokéPark's Munchlax Colorless       PokéPark Forest   008/009
      PCG-P Promotional cards   040/PCG-P
PokéPark's Jirachi Metal       PokéPark Forest   009/009
      PCG-P Promotional cards   050/PCG-P
Entei Fire POP Series 2 Rare 1/17 PokéPark Blue   001/009
Ho-Oh Fire EX Unseen Forces Rare 27/115 PokéPark Blue   002/009
Suicune Water POP Series 2 Rare 4/17 PokéPark Blue   003/009
      PCG-P Promotional cards   039/PCG-P
Kyogre Water EX Emerald Rare 15/106 PokéPark Blue   004/009
Raikou Lightning POP Series 2 Rare 3/17 PokéPark Blue   005/009
Lugia Psychic EX Unseen Forces Rare 29/115 PokéPark Blue   006/009
      PCG-P Promotional cards   038/PCG-P
Groudon Fighting EX Emerald Rare 14/106 PokéPark Blue   007/009
      PCG-P Promotional cards   042/PCG-P
Tauros Colorless POP Series 2 Rare 5/17 PokéPark Blue   008/009
      PCG-P Promotional cards   049/PCG-P
Rayquaza Colorless EX Emerald Rare Holo 9/106 PokéPark Blue   009/009
      PCG-P Promotional cards   041/PCG-P

Chinese TCG Release Through Taipei Pokepark

This set is probably the most rare set to be found in Traditional Chinese. The set consists of 10 promotional cards released around the opening of PokePark (神奇寶貝樂園). Pokepark opened from 6/23/2006 to 9/24/2006 in Taiwan, Taipei Shilin District in an attempt to create more interest in the Pokémon franchise. The cards chosen to represent the Taipei Pokepark in Chinese were selected from POP Series 2, whereas the course completion award was selected from POP Series 4 since that was the set that had the Pokémon Fan Club card. Aside from the course completion award and the Championship Arena card; each card could be obtained by visiting the park on different days of the week in the last week of the park's duration of being open.

Card Name Number English Expansion Description
Jirachi 021 Black Star Promo Reward after buying three admission tickets
Raikou 3/17 POP Series 2 Monday - September 18, 2006
Entei 1/17 POP Series 2 Tuesday - September 19, 2006
Suicune 4/17 POP Series 2 Wednesday - September 20, 2006
Celebi 029 Black Star Promo Thursday - September 21, 2006
Tauros 5/17 POP Series 2 Friday - September 22, 2006
Pikachu 13/17 POP Series 2 Saturday - September 23, 2006
Rayquaza 3/17 POP Series 2 Sunday - September 24, 2006
Championship Arena 028 Black Star Promo Japan 2006 Champion's League Tournament September 16–28 Taipei
Pokémon Fan Club 9/17 POP Series 4 Pokémon Training Club Completion, Awarded as Part of a Pokémon Training Course Pass Certificate

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