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PS309 : Moving Past Milotic
Emerald arc
PS311 : A Dust-Up With Dusclops
Just My Luck...Shuckle
If You're Lucky
VS ツボツボ
VS Tsubotsubo
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 310 in Vol. 27
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 310 in Vol. 27
Series Pokémon Adventures

Just My Luck...Shuckle (Japanese: VS ツボツボ VS Shuckle), titled VS. Shuckle in the Chuang Yi translation, is the 310th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the eighth chapter of the Emerald arc. It is subtitled If You're Lucky (Japanese: 運がよければ If You're Lucky) in the VIZ Media translation and If You're Lucky... in the Chuang Yi translation.


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Continuing off where the previous chapter left off, Noland is struck in the back of the head by a mysterious armored figure. The man begins looking through Noland's computer for the Wish Pokémon that is only awake for seven days after a thousand years of sleeping, Jirachi.

Back at the Battle Pike, Todd Snap watches as Emerald's Blissey successfully uses Seismic Toss on Lucy's Seviper. Although knocked to the ground, Seviper begins using Poison Fang to release venom from her fangs. The venom hits Blissey, which badly poisons her. Lucy explains that unlike regular poison, which hurts a Pokémon every turn, bad poison increases the damage it deals with every turn. Although Emerald has used up all of the healing items in the last room, he decides to keep battling until Blissey runs out of stamina.

Emerald sends out Blissey to attack, but Lucy switches Seviper out with her defensive Shuckle. To counter this, Emerald switches out with his Starmie, who has an advantage because of it being Water-type. Starmie attacks with a Water-type move, but Shuckle blocks the move by withdrawing into her shell to use Protect. Shuckle badly poisons Starmie with Toxic, so Emerald finishes her off with a Surf attack. Lucy congratulates Emerald but reminds him that his Pokémon is still poisoned, and his lack of any Pecha or Lum Berries is surely an indication of his current bad luck.

Lucy suggests that Emerald switch Starmie out since its Natural Cure Ability will cure the poison, just like Blissey had done with her Natural Cure Ability when she was switched out earlier. Todd notes that if Emerald switches out to his fully healthy Rapidash, Lucy will just counter with her Milotic. Emerald decides to keep using Starmie, so Lucy sends out her Milotic. Emerald has Starmie fire a Psychic blast, but the attack is reflected by Milotic's Mirror Coat, dealing twice the initial damage. Emerald has Starmie use one last move, Thunderbolt, damaging Milotic enough to knock her out while Starmie also faints.

Down to one last Pokémon, Lucy sends out Seviper, while Emerald sends out Rapidash. Todd wonders if Rapidash can win, as the Fire Horse Pokémon doesn't have any countermeasures against poison. Scott, Greta, Tucker, and Brandon arrive, expecting to watch Emerald lose to Lucy. They are shocked to see that despite Emerald's Rapidash being poisoned, Lucy is only down to her last Pokémon. Lucy has Seviper use Giga Drain, which knocks Rapidash out and forces Emerald to switch Blissey back into the battle.

Blissey clashes against Seviper repeatedly, but is defeated after being smashed into a wall. Although the Frontier Brains are glad to see Emerald defeated, Seviper is suddenly set ablaze. The fire is revealed to be from Overheat, which was used by a healed Rapidash. The attack knocks Seviper out, making Emerald the winner of the battle. Although confused, Lucy realizes that Emerald had Blissey heal Rapidash's poison with Heal Bell and give him some health with Soft-Boiled. Lucy congratulates Emerald by praising his skill in keeping his strategy from her for over 140 rooms and giving him the Luck Symbol.

Emerald claims to not need the Symbol, but Todd puts it in his Frontier Pass anyway. Emerald tells Brandon that he will challenge his facility next, angering the man by not using his name. Emerald prepares to leave in the same way he entered, but Lucy tells him that he can just leave through the back. Emerald decides to go through the entrance anyway and Todd follows him due to guessing that Emerald has an ulterior motive for doing so.

Emerald reveals that he wanted to talk to a maid, which Todd assumes was an attempt to flirt with her. The maid asks Emerald if he saw more suspicious-looking Pokémon like Sceptile, but does so through telepathy. Emerald states that he did, and decides to go and calm them down with his E Shooter. Confused, Todd asks what's going on and is shocked to see the maid's body flicker, revealing her to be Latias in disguise.

Major events

  • Emerald continues his battle against Lucy and defeats her, earning the Luck Symbol.
  • Emerald decides to challenge the Battle Pyramid next.
  • Emerald goes to calm down the rampaging Pokémon put in the Battle Pike.
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Pokémon debuts






  • Blissey is shown to be a male, even though they are a female-only species.

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PS309 : Moving Past Milotic
Emerald arc
PS311 : A Dust-Up With Dusclops
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