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PS083 : Bang the Drum, Slowbro
Yellow arc
PS085 : Gimme Shellder
Clefabulous Clefable
VS Pixy
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 84 in Vol. 7
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 44 in Bruno's Battle
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 84 in Vol. 7
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Cerise Island

Clefabulous Clefable (Japanese: VSピクシー VS Pixy) is the 84th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Green explains the transmitter in Yellow's hat to Lorelei. Lorelei wonders why she is telling her this and Green replies that it is part of her "winning move". Green commands Clefy to Minimize itself and steal Lorelei's voodoo dolls. Blasty protects Clefy from Jynx, but Clefy trips and the dolls break apart causing Green to lose her arm. Lorelei scoffs at her and begins to leave, but the arm on the floor turns out to be Ditty and wraps up Lorelei and Jynx. Green explains that her real arm was underneath the coat she was wearing. Lorelei commends her performance and Green tells her that she was also impressive. Green sympathizes with Lorelei as she feels that she was also guilty of fighting on the wrong side. Sabrina wakes up and yells at Green for not telling her that she was attached to a Ditto, and they continue to argue as they leave.

Meanwhile at Bruno and Red's battle; Bruno begins suffering from his headaches again. Bill warns Red of Bruno's strength and Red asks Lt. Surge to leave him to fight this alone. Bruno has no memory of his Hitmonlee destroying Bill's house, but continues to fight against Red. Hitmonchan begins a Fire Punch attack and Red contemplates switching out Saur, but quickly changes his mind after Hitmonchan uses Thunder Punch. Red sends out Vee and evolves it to Flareon to counter Ice Punch, he then commands it to evolve into Vaporeon and reveals that Vee wants to transform to help him and that he has the Evolution Stones from Vermilion Harbor. Soon it is Vee and Poli against Hitmonchan and Machamp, although it seems even at first; Machamp removes its belt and knocks both Vee and Poli off of the Onix. Bruno reveals that when Machoke evolved into Machamp it refused to take off its belt which then began storing power that was all released when it was removed. Poli's Water Gun has no effect, but allows Vee to return via Acid Armor. Red evolves Vee into Jolteon and proceeds to defeat Bruno with Pin Missile. Bruno tells Red that he does not agree with Lance's plan and that he is satisfied with the battle before he departs.

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PS083 : Bang the Drum, Slowbro
Yellow arc
PS085 : Gimme Shellder
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