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メタちゃん Meta-chan
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Green's Ditto
Debuts in Tauros the Tyrant
Caught at Unknown
Gender Gender unknown
Ability Limber
Nature Rash
Current location With Green
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Ditty (Japanese: メタちゃん Meta-chan) is a Ditto that Green owns in Pokémon Adventures and her fifth Pokémon overall. It is at level 60 and its Characteristic is that it is "mischievous."


Red, Green & Blue arc

Ditty and Green

Ditty first appeared in Tauros the Tyrant. Green substituted it for Blasty during the battle with Team Rocket in Celadon City when Blasty was trampled by their Hitmonlee and Ken's Machamp. As soon as Ditty was sent out, Team Rocket became amused by it as they found it to be weak. Ken then sends out his Tauros in order to knock Ditty and Green out. However, Red came to Green's rescue but unfortunately, Ditty fell off the cliff. Ditty, however, transformed into Ken's Tauros which also fell off the cliff. As Ditty transformed into Tauros it took control of Team Rocket's Pokémon and forced them to attack their Trainers, allowing Green and Red to get away. After Green revealed that she gave Team Rocket the fake disc and that she had the real one, she sent out Ditty again to take on the form of a Mew in order to keep Ken and Team Rocket occupied. With Ditty distracting them, both Red and Green go off to search for Mew. However, Ken managed to weaken Ditty using Jynx before the two Trainers were able to capture the real Mew.

In Zap! Zap! Zapdos!, Ditty, disguised as Blasty, was sent out to battle Sabrina's Kadabra when the Psychic-type created an illusion of a giant tower outside of the one Green was in. Unfortunately, Kadabra was too quick for Ditty as it used Teleport to dodge and knocked it down with Psychic. With Ditty immobilized, Kadabra was about to finish it off until Green revealed that the Blastoise Sabrina was fighting was merely a transformation coming from her Ditty. Blasty was then sent out and defeated Kadabra.

Yellow arc

In Clefabulous Clefable, Ditty disguised itself as Green's right hand when she was fighting against Lorelei, tricking her into believing she had bound Green and Sabrina together. Ditty later fell off, making Lorelei believe that Green's hand had been destroyed with the destruction of her ice doll. However, Ditty soon turns back to normal and wrapped up Lorelei and her Jynx, immobilizing them.

Ditty transformed as Deoxys

Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

In Heckled by Hitmontop, Ditty disguised Green from Silver so she could get close enough to Teleport him with her Abra.

FireRed & LeafGreen arc

In Now You See Me..., Jiggly battled Organism No. 1 alongside the rest of Green's team. Due to the DNA Pokémon's speed and invisibility Green's Pokémon are quickly overwhelmed. Red and Blue later come to save her and bring her to the Pokémon Network Center. After the two of them leave to go to Two Island Ditty sneaks into Red's backpack. While the two went off to train Ditty became friends with Ultima and filled her in on the situation by using Transform to communicate. When Red and Blue finished their training Ditty was waiting for them Transformed as Deoxys, allowing the two to get an understanding of what they were fighting.

Emerald arc

In Epilogue, Ditty interacted with Vee in the Battle Frontier following Guile Hideout's defeat.

Personality and characteristics

Ditty is a very happy-go-lucky Pokémon, and is often seen enjoying whatever it is doing. Ditty tends to not get serious until there is a threat to its Trainer, and then becomes very concerned and stoic. Because Ditty's only move is Transform, Green does not use it in battle very often, instead using it to help trick people. Besides transforming into other Pokémon, Ditty can also change into items, as well as a facial mask to help Green disguise herself as someone else, such as Sabrina.

Moves used

Ditty Transform.png
Using Transform
Move First Used In
Transform Tauros the Tyrant
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.



Language Name Origin
Japanese メタちゃん Meta-chan From メタモン Metamon
English, German, Spanish, Italian Ditty From Ditto
French Momorph From Métamorph
Chinese (Mandarin) 小百 Xiǎo Bǎi* From 百變怪 Bǎibiànguài
小百变 Xiǎo Bǎibiàn* From 百变怪 Bǎibiànguài
阿怪 Ā Guài* From 百变怪 Bǎibiànguài
Chinese (Cantonese) 小百 Síu Baak From 百變怪 Baakbingwaai
Czech Dittík From Ditto and -ík
Brazilian Portuguese Dittinho From Ditto and -inho
Vietnamese Bé Meta Transliteration of Japanese name

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