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PS068 : Jigglypuff Jive
Yellow arc
PS070 : Allied by Alazakam!
Playing Horsea
VS Tattu
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 69 in Vol. 6
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 29 in Agatha's Arbok
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 69 in Vol. 6
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Cerise Island

Playing Horsea (Japanese: VSタッツー VS Tattu) is the 69th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Green and Bill jump down from Jiggly right in front of Yellow. Green says that "it feels like jacket weather" and puts a jacket on. Yellow and Green start to talk, while Bill guesses that Green sent Yellow on his quest and helped them when Lorelei attacked them, both being correct. He also thinks that something unknown that Green told him is true. Green gets Bill and Yellow to ride on Jiggly and tells her Horsea to put a Smokescreen around them. In the air, they see some Slowbro looking for trespassers, and these Slowbro make Cerise Island so cold. Yellow looks at his map of Cerise Island, but he can't read it. Bill asks for the map, and an unfortunate movement causes the map to fall to the ground, where a Slowbro finds the map. Green, Yellow, and Bill mentally plead for the Slowbro to throw the map away. The Slowbro eats the map. Then it moves away to report the event to its Trainer. Green's Horsea latches itself onto a spike on the Slowbro's tail and leaves a trail of ink.

Meanwhile, Erika is fighting off Ice-type Pokémon from Lorelei's army in Celadon City. In Cerulean and Pewter Cities Misty and Brock are fighting against the Ghost-type and Fighting-type Pokémon from Agatha's and Bruno's armies, as yet another, larger, army flies to Kanto.

Back on Cerise Island, the Slowbro and Horsea go inside the island. Green then notices Clefy rattling inside its Poké Ball. Yellow senses that Clefable is saying that it hears voices from someone they know, and it is surprised but not scared. They then see the people, Lt. Surge, Koga, and Sabrina from Team Rocket.

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PS068 : Jigglypuff Jive
Yellow arc
PS070 : Allied by Alazakam!
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