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PS016 : Tauros the Tyrant
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS018 : A Tale of Ninetales
The Jynx Jinx
VS ルージュラ
VS Rougela
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 17 in Vol. 2
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 17 in Team Rocket Returns
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 17 in Vol. 2
Series Pokémon Adventures

The Jynx Jinx (Japanese: VS ルージュラ VS Rougela) is the 17th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Having escaped from Team Rocket, Red reluctantly leads Green back to their base, comforting himself with the thought that they may be safe, since Team Rocket have succeeded in retrieving the disc about Mew. Green gleefully reveals that they haven't—she gave them a fake, and kept the real one so that she could be the one to capture Mew. Green sends out Ditty, showing Red it's capable of a perfect Mew disguise, and sends it out to distract Team Rocket while she finds and captures the real one. She also reminds him that since Team Rocket thinks they're working together, she needs his help.

Back underground in the secret underground laboratory, they realize the disk they were given is a fake, but their anger immediately fades as they seemingly spot Mew hiding outside in the grass on their security cameras. All the Team Rocket Grunts are quickly ordered outside to capture it. At a distance, Red and Green watch the Grunts race out from the lab, heading after Ditty. Green bets that Ditty can keep them fooled, at least until they realize Ditty doesn't know what any of Mew's moves are.

Green pulls out a modified Silph Scope, drawing attention from Red. Green explains that she calls it a "Mew-View", a device to track the unique brainwaves Psychic Pokémon produce when they use their powers, allowing them to track down Mew if they match the device to its psychic patterns. She peeks through, immediately seeing psychic activity off towards the southeast.

Arriving at their destination on Route 16, Red sits down on the grass as Green continues searching around, and he tells her about the half-formed Mewtwo he saw in Team Rocket's lab, but she seems uninterested, informing him that she's just searching for Mew because of the money involved. She asks Red how many Pokémon he thinks there is, and as he confidently says there's 150, Green cuts him off, telling him about the incredible rarity of the 151st Pokémon, Mew. With a Pokémon nearly unknown to society on basically every level, there's no limit to how much she could charge for it.

Suddenly, a swirl of energy surrounds them, revealing itself to be Mew. Red is almost too stunned to move, but is forced into action by Green's orders, as they send out Blasty and Saur. Red says that Saur's Vine Whip would be perfect for catching such a fast Pokémon, but he can't even see it. In response, Green calls out Hydro Pump, causing Mew's silhouette to fall against the large pillars of water rising from the ground. Now that they can see it coming, Saur successfully wraps his vines around Mew's body.

From above, a massive rock strikes down in front of them, drawing their attention to the top of a nearby cliff, revealing a large group of Team Rocket Grunts, alongside a Jynx holding up an exhausted Ditty. Ditty is thrown down to their feet, and before they can react, Jynx is commanded to use Psybeam. Green starts to panic as Mew has almost escaped Saur's vines, and Red tells her to hurry out as fast as she can with Mew while he keeps the Grunts occupied. Green hesitates, but Red elaborates that he knows that Mew ending up in their hands would lead to them being able to finish Mewtwo. Green finally starts to escape, when suddenly a powerful Psywave from Jynx freezes them in place, snapping the Vine Whip and sending Mew hurtling towards Jynx.

As Jynx reaches out to grab Mew, Ken laughs, knowing that once Mewtwo is complete, everything and everyone will fall to their power. In desperation, Red calls out Poli, who meets Jynx dead-on and is frozen solid by a powerful Ice Punch. This spurs Mew into action, prompting it to release a powerful attack which instantly knocks out both Team Rocket and Jynx. With one last look at the two Trainers, it vanishes in a burst of light.

Green is upset that it's gone, but Red points out that at least it's safe from Team Rocket. Green agrees and cheerfully considers the money she's going to make from the pictures she was taking of Mew while Red was locked in desperate battle. Red is left furious as Green escapes once again with her Jigglypuff, but his anger fades when he realizes that she's slipped him a thank-you note and his two precious Badges.

Major events

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  • Red mentions that there are 150 Pokémon and Green mentions that Mew is 151 even though Mewtwo wasn't fully created yet or even known.
  • In the VIZ Media second edition, when Ken orders Jynx to use Psybeam, it is translated as Psychic.

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PS016 : Tauros the Tyrant
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS018 : A Tale of Ninetales
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