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The Space-Time Towers glowing when playing Oración

Oración (Japanese: オラシオン Oracion) is the song that Alice plays in The Rise of Darkrai to calm down Piplup, Shinx, Azumarill, and some other Pokémon. In a flashback, Alicia was playing Oración to a sleeping Luxray, a Roserade, a Kirlia, and Darkrai. It also seemed to negate the effects of Darkrai's Bad Dreams Ability, as the other three Pokémon were seen affected by it before she played it. In another flashback, Alicia was teaching Alice to play the song on the grass flute. Later, it takes more importance in the film when it is played by the Space-Time Towers to calm the anger between Dialga and Palkia, ending their fight.

The song was composed by Shinji Miyazaki.

Other uses

On Pokémon.com/drkgift, if a user typed "orasion" into the text box, a special wallpaper from The Rise of Darkrai was available. This page was removed from Pokémon.com during the site overhaul.


  • On an engraving in the Music Room inside the Space-Time Towers, it appears as if Alicia is playing Oración, as she is whistling on a leaf and the Pokémon around her appear calm.
  • "Oración" is Spanish for "prayer". This usage reflects the fact that Alamos Town is based on a Spanish village.
  • The Korean dub of The Rise of Darkrai used Oración during the credits instead of having the usual ending theme.
  • Oración is often used as background music in the anime.

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