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Nicky (Japanese: ノボル Noboru) is a character of the day who appeared in Absol-ute Disaster.

Nicky lives in Riyado Town, a mountain village that felt under siege after a spate of accidents which they attributed to Absol. After his older brother, Gordon, failed to return from his Absol expedition, the town assumed the Absol had gotten to him. But Nicky refused to believe that Absol was truly responsible for the accidents happening, and wanted to find out the truth for himself.

With the help of Ash and his friends, Nicky was able to track down both Gordon and Absol to nearby Square Top. They learned that the Absol was actually trying to warn the town about an imminent flood that was going to destroy it. Using their Pokémon, the kids were able to stop the flood from reaching the town. Due to this, the people of Riyado Town apologized to Absol.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 伊東みやこ Miyako Itō
English Evelyn Lanto
Finnish Kiti Kokkonen
Brazilian Portuguese Fernanda Bock
Spanish Latin America Isabel Martiñón
Spain Sara Vivas

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