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Marcello from 50 years ago

Marcello (Japanese: マルチェロ Marcello) is a character of the day who appeared in Moving Pictures.

He lives with his wife Sophia at the Sunflora Lodge, which they operate together. Sophia and Marcello were married 50 years ago, at which they took a picture with hundreds of Sunflora. On their 50th anniversary, they returned to the Sunflora Lodge they visited 50 years ago, where they thought that the Sunflora would be cheering for their marriage, but they could no longer find them. Upon their return, only a Sunkern remained. They missed the Sunflora very much because they were a part of their sweet memories.

Seeing their unhappiness, Ash suggested evolving the Sunkern with the Sun Stone he won as a prize in the Bug-Catching Contest. After doing so, the newly evolved Sunflora sang a song, causing the Sunflora from 50 years ago to return. The couple was very pleased and expressed their thanks to Ash.



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Marcello's Sunflora (multiple)
Sunflora (multiple)
Over the years, Marcello and his wife Sophia had befriended loads of Sunflora. They took pictures with them every anniversary, until they reached their 50th and there was none. It had all started 50 years ago, when Marcello was involved in an accident and was in a coma for months. One day a letter arrived from Marcello to Sophia. It talked about him coming by the lodge tomorrow, and if she was married or in love with another, that he wished her happiness, but if she still accepted him, he told her to place a Sunflora in front of the lodge so he would know. She asked every Pokémon Trainer if they had a Sunflora until the next day when he arrived she had thousands with her and they got married.

But later a Sunflora which Ash just evolved called and hundreds of Sunflora appeared just in time for Sophia and Marcello's 50th anniversary.

None of the Sunflora's moves are known.

Debut Moving Pictures
Voice actors
English Rachel Lillis

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 阪脩 Osamu Saka
坂口候一 Kōichi Sakaguchi (young)
English Eric Stuart
Hebrew דודיק סמדר Dudik Smadar (Old)
Polish Jan Kulczycki
Brazilian Portuguese Sílvio Giraldi
European Spanish José Ángel Juanes
Eduardo del Hoyo (young)


  • Marcello's name is a reference to the Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni. Also, his wife's name, Sophia, is a reference to the Italian actress Sophia Loren, who starred with the former in several films.

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