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Live Competition in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Live Competition (Japanese: ライブ大会 Live Tournament) is a mode that allows players to participate in competitions with other players, including official competitions at certain events. Upon registering a team from the Battle Box, it is locked and cannot be changed for the duration of the tournament. Each participant is given a Digital Player ID upon registering for the competition.

Generation V

In the Generation V games, Live Competition can be accessed from the main menu through the Battle Competition option. It shares the Battle Box interface with Wi-Fi Competitions, meaning that a player must cancel their participation in a Wi-Fi Competition before entering a Live Competition. Players can receive a Digital Player ID via infrared.

Generation VI

In the Generation VI games, Live Competition is now available as its own option on the main menu. Registration and participation in Online Competitions is now done through the Battle Spot interface. The player is prompted to cancel their participation in an Online Competition before entering a Live Competition. Players can receive a Digital Player ID via infrared.

Generation VII

In Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon, players can now lock separate teams for Live Competitions, Online Competitions, and online format Friendly Competitions, allowing players to participate in multiple competitions simultaneously. Players can also create a live format Friendly Competition on the Pokémon Global Link, which will generate a Live Competition QR Code that can be scanned through Live Competition option on the main menu.

In tethered tournaments, including all Play! Pokémon Premier Events, the player's Battle Team is locked electronically. Events must be tethered using a Live Competition QR Code unless hosted by or with The Pokémon Company International, which may be tethered using local wireless. After a match, players are required to save a Battle Video of the previous battle. QR Code tournaments allow players to play up to 30 matches.

Generation VIII

In the Generation VIII games, Live Competition is now accessed from the Victory Station option in the menu. Competitions can now be hosted from the Live Competition menu within the game itself.


In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 現場大賽 Yihnchèuhng Daaihchoi
Mandarin 現場大賽 / 现场大赛 Xiànchǎng Dàsài
France Flag.png French Compétition live (VIII)
Compétition Live (V-VII)
Germany Flag.png German Lokales Turnier (VIII)
Hautnahturnier (V-VII)
Italy Flag.png Italian Gara in Diretta
South Korea Flag.png Korean 라이브 대회 Live Daehoe
Spain Flag.png Spanish Torneo en Directo

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