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Hosting a Friendly Competition in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Friendly Competitions (Japanese: 仲間大会 Friend Competition) are competitions that players can host or join introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Players can register a Battle Team, locking it and preventing changes for the duration of the tournament.

Generation VII

Friendly Competitions can be created through the Pokémon Global Link website. There are two formats of Friendly Competitions: the online format and the live format. For online format competitions, a player must enter the competition on the PGL website and scan the generated Friendly Competition QR Code in the Battle Spot in Festival Plaza. Battles will take place over the internet. For live format competitions, a player must select Live Competition on the main menu to scan the Live Competition QR Code. Battles will take place over infrared.

Generation VIII

Players can create and join Friendly Competitions in-game through the Battle Stadium. This requires a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 夥伴大賽 Fóbuhn Daaihchoi
Mandarin 夥伴大賽 / 伙伴大赛 Huǒbàn Dàsài
France Flag.png French Tournoi Amical
Germany Flag.png German Freundesturnier
Italy Flag.png Italian Gara Privata
South Korea Flag.png Korean 동료 대회 Dongnyo Daehoe
Russia Flag.png Russian Дружеский соревнование Druzheskiy sorevnovaniye
Spain Flag.png Spanish Torneo Amistoso

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