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ケルデマル Keldemaru
Poké Ball
Blake Kelden.png
Blake's Keldeo
Debuts in The Shadow Triad
Caught in Prior to Legendary Tornadus
Caught at Pledge Grove
Gender Genderless
Ability Justified
Nature Serious
Current location With Blake
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Kelden (Japanese: ケルデマル Keldemaru) is a Keldeo that Blake owns in Pokémon Adventures and his third Pokémon overall. It is level 40.


Black & White chapter

Cobalion congratulating Keldeo on mastering the sword

Kelden first appeared in The Shadow Triad as a wild Pokémon, practicing its sword techniques on a stone in Pledge Grove, waiting for its three mentors, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, to appear. The three Pokémon soon arrive, communicating through telepathy, apologizing for their tardiness. Terrakion and Virizion have Keldeo begin its final test and ask it to equip itself with its own sword. Focusing on all of its past training's, it begins to focus all of its power into its forehead. Keldeo then creates a sword of energy that emerges from its horn and attacks the stone. Right before the sword can make contact, Keldeo loses its focus, and the sword disappears. Terrakion and Virizion laugh at the embarrassed Keldeo, and Terrakion states that Keldeo is very close to mastering the move, and promises to help it finish the final steps. Soon after, Keldeo perfects the move and receives praise from its three mentors. Cobalion wastes no time afterward, immediately having the group set off to find the Shadow Triad, not wanting to remain ignorant of their evil deeds.

The group soon locates the Shadow Triad, watching them battle against Cilan, Chili, and Cress. Worried, Keldeo asks which group is the bad side. Cobalion responds by saying that a battle between humans has no good or bad sides. Keldeo senses that the Shadow Triad's Pokémon, while winning, are not enjoying the battle, in contrast to the Striaton Gym Leaders' Pokémon. Sensing evil from the Shadow Triad and the building behind them, Keldeo jumps into the battle after requesting from its mentors to use its sword. Having permission, Keldeo attacks the Shadow Triad with its sword, easily pushing back their Pokémon. Happy over its supposed victory Keldeo lets its guard down and is attacked by the Shadow Triad's Pokémon, only to be saved by its mentors. Cobalion praises Keldeo's use of the sword, and informs it that it needs resolution in order to obtain the other sword. With the Swords of Justice defeating the Shadow Triad, they begin to leave the area. Not wanting such rare Pokémon to escape, they release their secret weapon, which attacks the Swords of Justice with a powerful beam. Keldeo's mentors jump in front of the beam to protect it and are frozen, sending them sinking to the waters below.

Black 2 & White 2 chapter

Kelden and Blake

Two years later, Keldeo is found by Blake and Whitley in Pledge Grove, who were there looking for Pokémon to fill up their Pokédexes. Trying to keep the two away, Keldeo attacks with its sword, throwing the Trainers off a cliff. Later, Blake comes back to Pledge Grove, offering to help Keldeo strengthen itself and acquire new techniques. Agreeing to help each other out, Blake recruits Keldeo and nicknames it Kelden.

In Legendary Tornadus, Blake sends out Kelden to assist Dewott in its battle against Team Plasma's Tornadus in its Therian Forme on Route 20. Tornadus focuses on capturing Giallo, while Dewott and Kelden work together to overwhelm the Cyclone Pokémon. To prevent Tornadus from escaping, Blake had Kelden attack with an Icy Wind, followed by Dewott's Razor Shell, freezing it solid. With Tornadus frozen, the Team Plasma Grunts retreat, returning Tornadus to its Poké Ball as they leave.

In Therian Forme III, Blake sent out Kelden to chase after Colress and the Plasma Frigate. When Blake attempted to arrest Ghetsis, the Shadow Triad appeared in order to defend their master. Kelden, recognizing the Shadow Triad from its previous encounter with them, proceeded to attack the three on its own, distracting Blake long enough for the Plasma Frigate to take off. Blake, unable to get Kelden to listen to him, is forced to return Kelden to its Ball after he manages to sneak aboard the ship. After realizing why Kelden was angry, Blake promises to help it take down the Shadow Triad and get its revenge after they arrest Ghetsis.

In Flying Ship, Kelden battled Team Plasma on the Plasma Frigate. After defeating some Plasma Grunts, Kelden destroys the chamber containing Kyurem to prevent Colress from abusing its power. To Blake's shock, the chamber was empty, but before he could process anything, Kyurem appears and attacks the group. Kelden pushes Blake and Whitley out of the way, but gets frozen in the process. Colress appears and reveals that their efforts were in vain because the Plasma Frigate had already absorbed enough energy to freeze all of Unova. Colress then has Kyurem freeze Blake and Whitley alongside Kelden and has them thrown into the ocean.

Soon after, the group is unfrozen due a Aspear Berry that Blake had given to Kelden in preparation for their fight against Kyurem. Kelden then takes the group to the Abyssal Ruins, following the voices of its mentors. Upon arriving, Kelden breaks the handcuffs linking Blake and Whitley and soon after finds its frozen mentors. The Colt Pokémon attempts to break them out with Sacred Sword but is unsuccessful. Kelden then goes back to Blake and waits for him to wake up. After waking up, Kelden and Blake discover that he can hear the Colt Pokémon's voice, which they believe is due to a special effect of the ruins. Kelden then takes its Trainer to its mentors and Blake has Genesect use a Fire-type Techno Blast to free them, as an Ice-type Techno Blast was what froze them. Once freed, Cobalion tells Kelden to stay with Blake and trust in the decision it had made to make him its Trainer.

Personality and characteristics

Kelden is a very kind Pokémon, willing to help others and strives to protect humans and Pokémon alike. It is very close to its three mentors, and has learned many things from them. Kelden learned the power of charging from Terrakion, speed and sharpness from Virizion, and how to keep a strong heart and to never flinch from an opponent from Cobalion. It is a bit clumsy, frequently tripping when not paying attention. Kelden always strives to be stronger, working hard to reach the strength of its mentors.

Moves used

Kelden Sacred Sword.png
Using Sacred Sword
Move First Used In
Sacred Sword The Shadow Triad
Icy Wind New Sword Player
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ケルデマル Keldemaru From ケルディオ Keldeo and maru
English Kelden From Keldeo
Chinese (Mandarin) 凱路迪丸 Kǎilùdíwán From 凱路迪歐 Kǎilùdí'ōu and the Japanese 丸 maru
Vietnamese Keldemaru Same as Japanese

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