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Gary's cheerleaders during the Silver Conference.

Gary's cheerleaders (Japanese: シゲル応援ギャル Shigeru's cheering gals) were a group of girls that followed around Gary on his Pokémon journey. Their main purpose is to cheer Gary on, much like real-life cheerleaders at sporting events.

They made their debut in the first episode. They were seen outside Professor Oak's Laboratory cheering for Gary as he received his starter. Their motto is:

"Gary, Gary, he's our man. If he can't do it, no one can! Go...Gary!".

His cheerleaders support Gary very much, and they are deeply hurt when he loses one of his battles. The girls burst into tears whenever Gary loses a match as seen in The Battle of the Badge and The Fourth Round Rumble. The one time they cheered for another was for Ash in The Battle of the Badge. After Gary lost to Giovanni, Ash challenged the Gym, which was then left in the care of Jessie and James. Despite their cheating, Ash won, the cheerleaders cheering:

"He's our winner, he's our Ash! Let's all have a victory bash! He's our winner, he's our man! No one wins like Ketchum can!".

The cheerleaders then were absent for most of the Johto League. They finally reappeared in The Ties that Bind to cheer Gary on during his Full Battle against Ash during the Silver Conference. Unlike the previous battles, they did not start crying when Gary lost to Ash. The cheerleaders haven't been seen since when Gary decided to become a Pokémon Researcher like his grandfather.

They have also had appearances in Beauty and the Beach, Dig Those Diglett!, Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon, and Riddle Me This.

Voice actresses

Language Voice actor
Japanese 大谷育江 Ikue Ohtani
飯塚雅弓 Mayumi Iizuka
English Veronica Taylor
Rachael Lillis
Finnish Elise Langenoja
Jenni Sivonen
Minna Tasanto


  • In Beauty and the Beach one of the cheerleaders wore a bathing suit very similar to the one May wore in The Lotad Lowdown.
  • In the Japanese version, they are referred to as his girlfriends.
  • In Pocket Monsters: The Animation, Gary's girlfriends are explained to be the staff responsible for the Pallet Town mayor's various elections, as Gary Oak is the mayor's son.

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