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Emilio (Japanese: ツトム Tsutomu) is a character of the day who appeared in A Giga Battle with Mega Results!.

While Nurse Joy left to get a Mega Stone for her Audino, Emilio waited by the Pokémon Center for her arrival. After Ash and his friends helped Nurse Joy out of a fissure she was trapped in, Emilio saw the truck and stated that she was late. He hid beside the building while the truck parked near the entrance. When Ash and his friends left the building, Emilio showed up and told them that Nurse Joy and Audino weren't getting along. He asked them for his help in getting the two to stop fighting.

Emilio showed the group a window to climb in the office Audino is in. While inside, Emilio told Audino what was going on and comforted it. He observed a Makuhita needing special attention and stayed in the center with the group while Nurse Joy and Audino treated Makuhita right away.

Later, he witnessed as Team Rocket were stealing Poké Balls from the Center. Emilio tried getting Team Rocket to stop but to no avail. After Audino defeated them, Emilio waved his goodbyes to Ash and his friends as they were heading to Snowbelle City.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 古城門志帆 Shiho Kokido
English Jennifer O'Donnell
Finnish Amy Burgess
Italian Serena Clerici
Polish Olaf Marchwicki
Brazilian Portuguese Yago Machado
Spanish Latin America Emilio Treviño
Spain Belén Rodríguez

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