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Cooking in Pokémon Quest

Cooking (Japanese: 料理 Cooking) is a feature in Pokémon Quest that enables the player to attract the wild Pokémon of Tumblecube Island to the base camp, where they can be befriended. To do so, the player puts a number of ingredients into a cooking pot, waits until their dish has finished cooking, then uses the food to lure in Pokémon.

Evolved Pokémon are not attracted by Cooking. Cooking usually attracts one Pokémon, but there is a 4.3% chance of attracting two Pokémon, and a 0.5% chance of three Pokémon.

If the player has purchased the Pikachu Surfboard decoration from the Poké Mart, the chance of attracting multiple Pokémon when cooking is increased by 1.5 times. The same is true of the Lapras Pool decoration, but that instead doubles the chances. However, note that the Lapras Pool is exclusively available as DLC.

Cooking requires a free pot to cook with. The player is provided with one cooking pot as default. Expedition packs can be purchased as additional downloadable content to obtain extra cooking pots.


There are ten ingredients that can be used for cooking. These ingredients are obtained by completing expeditions. The chance that ingredients of a specific color are dropped depends on which area the expedition is taking place in. Rarer ingredients can be obtained by completing stages with greater difficulty. Various decorations can be bought at the Poké Mart to increase the size of ingredient drops. The maximum capacity of any ingredient is 999.

Ingredient Description Type Color
Quest Tiny Mushroom.png Tiny Mushroom Soft and small ingredients. Mushroom Red
Quest Big Root.png Big Root Soft and precious ingredients. Plant Red
Quest Bluk Berry.png Bluk Berry Soft and small ingredients. Sweet Blue
Quest Icy Rock.png Icy Rock Hard and precious ingredients. Mineral Blue
Quest Apricorn.png Apricorn Hard and small ingredients. Plant Yellow
Quest Honey.png Honey Soft and precious ingredients. Sweet Yellow
Quest Fossil.png Fossil Hard and small ingredients. Mineral Gray
Quest Balm Mushroom.png Balm Mushroom Soft and precious ingredients. Mushroom Gray
Quest Rainbow Matter.png Rainbow Matter Very precious ingredients that can substitute for any other ingredients. None None
Quest Mystical Shell.png Mystical Shell Special ingredients. Mystical None


To enter the Cooking menu, the player taps on one of their empty cooking pots in the base camp to enter the Cooking menu. The menu depicts the pot as having five "slots". In order to put an ingredient in a "slot", the player has to spend a number of ingredients that varies by the cooking pot. This can be done manuaally. However, the player can use the Auto-Set button to the left of their ingredients list to have the game pick random ingredients for each "slot" if they like. The results can be freely changed before confirming, if the player likes. The player cannot Start Cooking until all five "slots" are filled with an ingredient.

When the player completes the areas Backforth Brook, Pincushion Plain, and Chamber of Legends, they complete Main Quests that allow them to use better pots. Better pots require more ingredients to be spent per "slot" but attract higher level Pokémon. The pot used can be cycled through via the button in the lower right corner. (One can attempt to switch to a pot they do not already have, but the game will remind the player that they do not own the pot and default back to the standard Cooking Pot.) Switching pots empties out any occupied "slot"s. The pot selected will be what is displayed in the base camp as the dish cooks.

Any ingredients that the player does not have enough copies of to add to the ingredient a "slot" have their icons grayed out.

Pot Number of ingredients used per "slot" Unlock requirement
Quest Pot.png Cooking Pot 3 Available from start of game
Quest Bronze Pot.png Bronze Cooking Pot 10 Main Quest: Clear Backforth Brook
Quest Silver Pot.png Silver Cooking Pot 15 Main Quest: Clear Pincushion Plain
Quest Gold Pot.png Gold Cooking Pot 20 Main Quest: Clear Chamber of Legends

Cooking recipes

Cooking creates a dish, that will attract Pokémon after the dish is complete. Using more precious ingredients in Cooking increases the quality of the resultant dish. Small ingredients provide one point, precious ingredients provide two points, very previous ingredients provide three points, and special ingredients provide two points to the overall quality of the dish. Higher quality recipes attract rarer Pokémon and Pokémon of higher level.

Points Quality
5 Standard dish
6-7 Good
8-9 Very Good
10 or greater Special

Cooking a dish requires that the player go on a certain number of expeditions, after which the cooking process is complete. Note that the expeditions are allowed to be failed, the game only cares that they were started (and that battery charge was spent to do so). The number of expeditions required for a dish to finish cooking depends on quality of the dish and the cooking pot used. Higher quality dishes take longer to cook. This information is displayed above the pot in the base camp, in a black box that fills with yellow as expeditions conclude. It also displays the number of expeditions that need to be started in order to finish cooking and the number of expeditions the player went on after starting Cooking, essentially serving as a progress tracker.

Speaking of progress trackers, the Expeditions menu additionally serves to remind the players of the progress of their cooking pots. A unused pot will be represented by a outline icon in the lower right corner of the screen, while a in use cooking pot is represented by a filled in icon with some steam hopping out, which has the color of the type of pot used. Finally, a cooking pot with a finished dish inside will have a pink notificiation icon overlapping with the pot icon.

Cooking with better pots attract Pokémon with higher level and IVs. Better cooking pots also provide greater bonuses to the Pokémon's stats.

Pot Level Max possible IV Stat bonus Expeditions to cook
Standard Good Very good Special
Cooking pot 1-15 10 0 2 4 5 6
Bronze Cooking Pot 16-30 50 50 2 4 5 6
Silver Cooking Pot 31-70 100 100 3 5 6 7
Gold Cooking Pot 71-100 100 300 4 6 7 8

Having Mystical Shell as one of the ingredients increases the number of expeditons required for a dish to cooking by one.

Different kinds of dishes are created depending on the exact ingredients used in the five "slots" of the pot. Note that order does not matter. The result is determined by the recipe that the ingredients followed. Each dish has a different pool of Pokémon it can attract, with the pool being thematically linked to the food. Each time the player completes a new kind of dish, the recipe for it is added to the Cooking menu, which makes it easier to reproduce by following the requirements. (This is also why the game suggests using Auto-Set to find new dishes on occasion.)

List of recipes

Some recipes require ingredients that may overlap with another recipe. The game selects which dish to make by finding the first recipe to have its requirements fulfilled starting with #2. If no recipe is found, the result will always be #1 Mulligan Stew à la Cube.

No. Image Name Ingredients Description Ingredients Needed Pokémon
1 Quest Recipe 01.png Mulligan Stew à la Cube Whatever ingredients you like 5 random ingredients Favorite food of some Pokémon on Tumblecube Island
2 Quest Recipe 02.png Red Stew à la Cube A whole lot of red 4 red ingredients Favorite food of reddish Pokémon
3 Quest Recipe 03.png Blue Soda à la Cube A whole lot of blue 4 blue ingredients Favorite food of bluish Pokémon
4 Quest Recipe 04.png Yellow Curry à la Cube A whole lot of yellow 4 yellow ingredients Favorite food of yellowish Pokémon
5 Quest Recipe 05.png Gray Porridge à la Cube A whole lot of gray 4 gray ingredients Favorite food of grayish Pokémon
6 Quest Recipe 06.png Mouth-Watering Dip à la Cube A whole lot of soft things and a lot of blue 4 soft ingredients
3 blue ingredients
Favorite food of Water-type Pokémon
7 Quest Recipe 07.png Plain Crepe à la Cube A lot of sweet things and a few gray 3 sweet ingredients
2 gray ingredients
Favorite food of Normal-type Pokémon
8 Quest Recipe 08.png Sludge Soup à la Cube A whole lot of mushrooms and a lot of soft things 4 mushroom ingredients
3 soft ingredients
Favorite food of Poison-type Pokémon
9 Quest Recipe 09.png Mud Pie à la Cube A few minerals and a lot of soft things 2 mineral ingredients
3 soft ingredients
Favorite food of Ground-type Pokémon
10 Quest Recipe 10.png Veggie Smoothie à la Cube A whole lot of plants and a few soft things 4 plant ingredients
2 soft ingredients
Favorite food of Grass-type Pokémon
11 Quest Recipe 11.png Honey Nectar à la Cube A whole lot of sweet things and a lot of yellow 4 sweet ingredients
3 yellow ingredients
Favorite food of Bug-type Pokémon
12 Quest Recipe 12.png Brain Food à la Cube A lot of sweet things and a few hard things 3 sweet ingredients
2 hard ingredients
Favorite food of Psychic-type Pokémon
13 Quest Recipe 13.png Stone Soup à la Cube A whole lot of hard things and a few minerals 4 hard ingredients
2 mineral ingredients
Favorite food of Rock-type Pokémon
14 Quest Recipe 14.png Light-as-Air Casserole à la Cube A lot of minerals and a few plants 3 mineral ingredients
2 plant ingredients
Favorite food of Flying-type Pokémon
15 Quest Recipe 15.png Hot Pot à la Cube A lot of mushrooms and a little red 3 mushroom ingredients
2 red ingredient
Favorite food of Fire-type Pokémon
16 Quest Recipe 16.png Watt a Risotto à la Cube A whole lot of soft things and a lot of yellow 4 soft ingredients
3 yellow ingredients
Favorite food of Electric-type Pokémon
17 Quest Recipe 17.png Get Swole Syrup à la Cube A lot of sweet things and a few mushrooms 3 sweet ingredients
2 mushroom ingredients
Favorite food of Fighting-type Pokémon
18 Quest Recipe 18.png Ambrosia of Legends à la Cube A whole lot of mystical things 4 mystical ingredients Favorite food of Extremely Rare Pokémon

Attracting Pokémon

Main article: base camp (Quest)

The Pokémon that are attracted by Cooking are interacted with from the Base Camp menu. Notably, in order for a Cooking Pot to be emptied and able to be used again, all Pokémon attracted by a dish from that Cooking Pot must be befriended. This can cause friction if the player is at the maximum number of buddies, in which case the player cannot use Cooking with that Cooking Pot until they either purchase a Pokémon Box Expansion or train with their existing Pokémon.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 料理 Liuhléih
Mandarin 料理 Liàolǐ
France Flag.png French Plats
Germany Flag.png German Kochtopf
Italy Flag.png Italian Cucinaf
South Korea Flag.png Korean 요리 Yori
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cocinar

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