Chamber of Legends

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Chamber of Legends

Chamber of Legends (Japanese: 伝説の間 Legendary Room) is a stage in Pokémon Quest that is located in Tumblecube Island. It is the final stage in the main story and is unlocked once the player completes all the previous stages. The stage can only be accessed once.

Encountering Mewtwo

The only Pokémon the player encounters here is Mewtwo who reveals that it has somehow been controlling MoBee to lead the player to free it from its longstanding bonds. Once Mewtwo is defeated, Mewtwo realizes that it has not fully recovered and leaves without further resistance as it owes the player for having liberated it.

Color Ingredient Drop Rate
Red 25%
Blue 25%
Yellow 25%
Gray 25%

Pokémon Encountered

Recommended team strength: 17500

Pokémon Encounter rate
Quest150.png Mewtwo 100%

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 傳說空間 Chyùhnsyut Hūnggāan
Mandarin 傳說空間 / 传说空间 Chuánshuō Kōngjiān
France Flag.png French Antre des Légendes
Germany Flag.png German Legendenreich
Italy Flag.png Italian Arena della Leggenda
South Korea Flag.png Korean 전설의공간 Jeonseorui Gonggan
Spain Flag.png Spanish Sala Legendaria

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