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PS172 : The Last Battle VI
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
PS174 : The Last Battle VIII
The Last Battle VII
The Last Battle VII
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 173 in Vol. 14
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 173 in Vol. 14
Series Pokémon Adventures

The Last Battle VII (Japanese: 最終決戦VII The Last Battle VII) is the 173rd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 83rd chapter of the Gold, Silver & Crystal arc.


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Green walks into Ilex Forest with her Snubbull looking for the Ilex Forest shrine. However, she soon encounters two of the former Masked Children, Will and Karen. They start a battle, where Green's Snubbull defeats Karen's Umbreon. But when Will brings out his Xatu the battle is over due to Green's fear of birds. However, they don't let her leave, and instead begin to question her about the Rainbow Feather and the Silver Feather she stole. Green flashes to the Rainbow Feather and the Silver Feather in Yellow's hat.

Meanwhile, at the Day Care some Team Rocket Grunts break in. Yellow sends out Kitty, Ratty, and Omny to protect the Day-Care Couple and Wilton, while Pika and Chuchu hang onto a bunch of balloons to get away from the Team Rocket Grunts. The Team Rocket Grunts attack Yellow and try to steal the Rainbow Wing and Silver Wing from her hat. Yellow notices Pika and Chuchu flying away on the balloons and sends out Dody to catch them. However, in the chaos the Team Rocket Grunts manage to corner Yellow.

Karen and Will tell Green that they've sent men to search all possible hiding places, and that she should really be feeling sorry for herself. They brag about training under the Masked Man, when suddenly Ho-Oh appears, which is the Pokémon that captured Green. They force Green to look at it, which causes her to go into shock and recall being kidnapped by it.

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PS172 : The Last Battle VI
Gold, Silver & Crystal arc
PS174 : The Last Battle VIII
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