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Christmas Medley is a song from the Pokémon Christmas Bash CD, released in 2001. It is performed by the cast of the Pokémon anime English dub. It contains Pokémon-themed versions of famous Christmas songs such as "Jingle Bells" and "The 12 Days of Christmas".


Here's your chance to sing along now,
We love Pokémon, and so do you.
Raise your voice, sing Yuletide song now,
All the tunes are old, the words are new.

Ash: Everybody knows this one!

Rapidashing through the snow,
With a Horsea on our sleigh,
Slowpoke and Slowbro,
Laughing all the way.
Bellsprout starts to sing,
So does Magnemite,
Then Seaking will start to ring
The jingle bells tonight!

Poké Balls,
Poké Balls,
Throw them all the way
You may catch the Pokémon
You want on Christmas day, Hey!

Poké Balls,
Poké Balls,
Throw them all the way
You may catch the Pokémon
You want on Christmas...

Ash: Here's one of my favorites!

Nidoking was falling down
On his Trainer Steven.

First they won and then they lost,
So the match was even.

"Nidoking, return," he said,
"I can win this duel."

So he called for all to hear:
"I choose Tentacruel!"

Ash: Brock, this one is for you!

Nurse Joy is a girl,
She sure is fun,
But I like Jenny too.

Misty: Brock it, Ash!

Here we go a battling
Team Rocket once again,
Just like we have battled since
I can't remember when.

But whatever they do,
I'll rely on Pikachu,
And we'll rock them and shock them
And set them on their ear,
And we'll blast 'em off
Into the stratosphere.

Ash: Meowth!
Meowth: Oh! Oh! My turn?

O Caterpie, O Caterpie
Will youse become my Butterfree?
O Caterpie, it's very odd
First you must be a Metapod!
O Caterpie, O Caterpie
I hope you'll be my Butterfree!

Jessie: Hey! Where's my solo?
Ash: Here's one for you, Professor!
Oak: Um, let me see. Oh yes. I know this one.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, a Trainer sent to me:

Twelve Bulbasaur-ing,
Jessie and James:
Eleven Lapras leaping,
Jessie, James, and Brock:
Ten Tentacruel-ing,
Ninetales a-wagging,
Eight Muk a-mucking,
Seven Squirtle squirting,
Six Diglett digging,

James: Five Goldeen,
Ash: Four Charizard,
Meowth: Three Ekans,
Misty: Two Electabuzz,
All: And a Farfetch'd with great Agility!

Ash: Now let's all get together for the big Finale! Come on! You sing along too!

We wish you a Marill Christmas
We wish you a Marill Christmas
We wish you a Marill Christmas

Happy Holidays, everybody!
And a Hoppip New Year!




  • Out of the 27 different species of Pokémon mentioned in this song, 25 are Generation I Pokémon. Only the last two, Marill and Hoppip, are from Generation II.
  • This is the only song on the album to feature all 5 voice actors.

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