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Yuka Morii in 2023 at Creatures Inc.
Artwork by Yuka Morii in the TCG

Yuka Morii (Japanese: 森井(もりい)ユカ) is a professional clay modeler who has provided illustrations for the Pokémon Trading Card Game. She is a graduate of Tokyo Zokei University and earned a MA degree in Living Design at the Kuwasawa Design Institute. In addition to her work for the TCG she has also designed mascots for various companies, published several art & culture books, provided artwork for other publications and is a part-time lecturer of illustration at the Kuwasawa Design Institute.



Title Date Publisher
Urashima Tarō Picture Book 1995 Shogakukan
Let's Make Pizza, Wanriky! (no English release) (Pokémon Tales #36) 1997 Shogakukan
Valued London Goods #58 1999 Media Factory
Supermarket Mania: Europe Tour 2004 Kodansha
Supermarket Mania: Asia Tour 2005 Kodansha
Les Porte-cles Bourbon 2005 Gijutsu-Hyohron
IKEA FAN BOOK 2006 Kawade Shobo Shinsha
Post Office Mania 2006 Kodansha
Museum Shop Tripper! 2007 Aoyama
Drugstore Tripper! 2007 Aoyama
Supermarket Mania: US Tour 2008 Kodansha
Tokyo Goods Patrol 2009 Kodansha
Tokyo Goods Patrol 2009 Kodansha
Goods Collector's Travel Style 2009 Kawade Shobo Shinsha
Goods Collector's Whole Family 2010 Poplar
PLAZA BOOK 2010 Kodansha

Book design

Title Date Publisher
Kerfuffle Nurse series 2000 Kodansha
FireKing Mugs Ecyclopedia 2003 Kawade Shobo Shinsha
Hey Pitan!! 2003 Kodansha
Think Yourself Rich: Discover Your Millionaire Potential 2004 Asuka Shinsha
100 Tastes of Ochazuke 2004 Kawade Shobo Shinsha
Dream Pets Encyclopedia 2005 Kawade Shobo Shinsha
Monchhichi Encyclopedia 2005 Kawade Shobo Shinsha
Goma and Children's Crafting 2007 Kodansha
Traveling to Berlin East Germany 2009 Sangyo Henshu Center
Goma's Homemade Saijiki 2009 Kodansha
Hey Kurotan!! series 2010 Kodansha
Tabi-Hana series 2010 JTB Publishing

Major works

Title Date
Lion Monthly Women's Magazine advertisement (Hakuhodo) 1996
Hachijuni Bank window advertisement 1997
CXCM clay animation (Fuji TV) 1997
Atashin'chi 3D illustration book 1998—
Weather report update screen design (Fuji TV) 1998—
Enoshima Tourism advertising (Odakyu Electric Railway) 1999
Seven Women TVCM clay animation (Fuji TV) 1999
Yokohama Minato Mirai "Gate" train station sticker advertisements 2000
Pokémon Trading Card Game illustration 2000—
Odaiba Complex "Mediage" collectible souvenir design 2001
Atashin'chi anime TV title 3D illustration 2002—
Clay play set "NenDo!": Planning Supervisor, product design 2003
What’s that? What? series 2003
Toei Subway character designs 2004
Enoshima Aquarium collectible souvenir design 2004—
Nagano JA "Merman Choki" TVCM 3D illustration 2005
Training toy set "Pita Cone": Planning Supervisor 2005
Keiyo Gas "Gastan" character design 2005—
Yamaguchi National Sports Festival: Character Examination Supervisor 2007—
"Regina Forest" resort park character 2007—
Japan Post Corporation: gift wrapping paper and postcard design 2007
AllAbout "Arujan" character design 2008—
Nescafé "With that Mocha" campaign character design 2008
Fure-Fure movie mascot character design 2008—
Pororokkuru series 2008—
Kokodoko Tokotoko series 2009
Circle K thanks original design notes 2009
Toy Camera "Juice Camera" design 2009
PLAZA "SUPERMARKET" national campaign: Promotion Direction 2010
Victorinox Hiroshima Edition design 2010
Fuji TV weather forecast information screen and weather symbol design 2010


Award Date
7th Large Hands Award Winner 1990
TBS TV Wasabizu "Matsuura Award Season" 1993
Tokyo TV Clay Modelling Championship Winner 1996
28th Kodansha Advertising Awards – Best Children’s Magazine (3D Illustration) 2006
30th Kodansha Advertising Awards – Best Children’s Magazine (3D Illustration) 2008

Work for the TCG

Within the TCG, Morii sculpts various Pokémon in the same style as her other works and photographs the finished model against an arranged scenery or actual location. She started producing artwork for the TCG in 2000, her first images appearing on cards in the Neo Discovery expansion. She has continued to work with Pokémon Card Laboratory since. Thus far, Morii has contributed artwork for 205 cards. For a complete list of cards that feature her artwork, go here.

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