Blue's Charizard

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Blue's Charizard
グリーンのリザードン Green's Lizardon
Bag Poké Ball SV Sprite.png
Blue Charizard.png
Blue's Charizard
Debuts in A Glimpse of the Glow
Caught at Pallet Town
Evolves in Prior to Onix Is On!
Prior to Kalling Kadabra
Gender Male
Ability Blaze
Nature Bold
Traded in Give It Your Best, Blastoise*
Original Trainer Blue
Traded for Red's Saur*
Current location With Blue
HOME004.png HOME005.png HOME006.png
This Pokémon spent 1 to 4 chapters as Charmander and 9 to 17 chapters as Charmeleon.

Blue's Charizard (Japanese: グリーンのリザードン Green's Lizardon) is a Pokémon that Blue owns in Pokémon Adventures and his second overall. He was given to him by his grandfather, Professor Oak. As of A Vicious Cycle of Possibilities, he is at level 89, and his Characteristic is that he has "good endurance."


Red, Green & Blue arc

Charmander battling Mew

Prior to the start of the manga, Blue received Charizard as a Charmander from his grandfather Professor Oak. Although he was given as a first partner Pokémon, Charmander was not Blue's first Pokémon, as he already owned Scyther. Charmander was with Blue when he went to Chuck for intensive training.

Charizard first appeared as a Charmander in A Glimpse of the Glow. Blue tried using him against a Mew, but failed and withdrew him partly due to Red accidentally catching his attention, which resulted in Poli's embarrassing defeat.

At some point before Onix Is On!, Charmander evolved into Charmeleon, and battled Brock in the Pewter Gym, which he apparently won, as Red states that he and Blue were the only ones to win the Boulder Badge.

In That Awful Arbok!, Blue and Charmeleon became possessed in the Pokémon Tower by a Gastly. Red showed up and managed to save the two, at which point they headed further into the tower. They eventually ran into Koga and his Arbok. Blue had Charmeleon attack Koga, but it proved to only be a projection, with Koga being elsewhere. Koga sent Arbok after them and attacked with Acid. Charmeleon countered with Reflect, and outside the tower, Koga observed the battle from a Golbat-shaped screen and commanded another Acid attack that appeared to break past Charmeleon's defense and corroded him. Koga gloated at his victory but was soon surprised as Charmeleon sliced Arbok cleanly in two.

Charmeleon after spending time with Red

In A Tale of Ninetales, Charmeleon was accidentally traded to Red alongside Blue's other Pokémon. During the three days that Red has them, he attempted to get them to relax and open up to him, with little success. They later traded back, while keeping the caring attitude that Red instilled in them.

Charizard being defeated by Saur in the Pokémon League

In Kalling Kadabra, it was revealed that Charmeleon has evolved into Charizard. He was seen being used by Blue to try and fly into Saffron City. He later helped defeat Koga by melting his ice-cold Blizzard room by setting the whole building on fire. After this, Charizard was used alongside Saur and Blasty to help defeat Thu-Fi-Zer.

In A Charizard...and a Champion, Charizard was Blue's first choice in his battle against Red and his Venusaur, Saur, during the Pokémon League. Blue ordered a Fire Spin that Saur barely dodged, but as Charizard lunged in for a follow-up attack Saur surprised him with a burst of Poison Powder. Red followed with a Razor Leaf flurry that Blue was forced to assist his addled Charizard in dodging, before switching for Machamp to continue. He was later sent back out to fight against Saur once again, but was defeated due to a combo attack from Poli, Saur, and Pika, who had created a thundercloud that struck Charizard from Saur's Vine Whip.

Yellow arc

In As Gastly as Before, Charizard defeated a Gastly that was attacking Yellow. He was later seen training with Blue and Scyther.

In Striking Golduck, Charizard was used alongside the rest of Blue's team to attack Agatha's Gengar. Despite a group attack, Gengar escaped into Blue's shadow and attacked Charizard. Not wanting to give Gengar more places to hide, Blue called all his Pokémon back.

In The Legend, Charizard was used alongside Saur and Blasty to help Yellow defeat Lance's team.

Gold, Silver & Crystal arc

In Rock, Paper...Scizor, Charizard was traded to Red for his Gyarados, Gyara, so that he could make it across the rugged mountains of Mt. Silver.

In The Last Battle XIV, Charizard was returned to Blue and was used in the final battle against the Masked Man.

FireRed & LeafGreen arc

Charizard having mastered Blast Burn
Charizard and Blue

In Return to Pallet Town, Charizard battled alongside Saur against Organism No. 1. Due to Organism No. 1's impressive speed, neither of them was able to land an attack before the DNA Pokémon fled.

In the Sevii Islands during My, My, My Mimic, Charizard learned the move exclusive to the Fire-type first partner Pokémon families, Blast Burn, after training on Ultima's Jump Path, Catch Path, and Battle Path courses. Afterwards, the two boys' inability to perfect their respective move's accuracy would come to haunt them in the battle against Sird, Carr, and Orm.

In Put Your Beast Foot Forward, Blue sent Charizard out to use Flamethrower on Orm's Shuckle, but failed due to their hard shells. Several Shuckle soon popped out of the ground and attacked him with Toxic.

Charizard still managed to gather the strength to fight and participated in the battle on Trainer Tower in Meet Deoxys, and Deoxys, and Deoxys, and... against Organism No. 2's clones. Charizard then agreed to be traded to Red again to allow Red to Fly and defeat the evil leader as Red's Aerodactyl, Aero, was too badly injured from its earlier encounter with Organism No. 2 and therefore couldn't use Fly in his current condition.

In Distant Relation Deoxys and Storming the Forretress, Charizard was seen joining Red's other Pokémon and Chuchu to take down the ten Forretress that Carr had placed inside the Team Rocket airship. After Giovanni's defeat, Charizard was traded back to his original owner, but the two soon found themselves petrified by Sird with the four other Pokédex holders and their Pokémon.

Emerald arc

Charizard and Salamè defeating Xerosic

In The Final Battle VIII, Charizard became unpetrified and regained mobility, upon which Charizard, Exbo, and Chic attacked with Blast Burn to help destroy Guile Hideout's fake Kyogre.

X & Y arc

Charizard appeared with Blue in Pinsir Glares, helping Blue rescue Diantha. He, along with Rhyperior, later lead X's group to Anistar City. While doing so they were admired by Salamè and Rhyrhy and after exiting Route 17 they left them and return to Blue.

In Charizard Transforms, on the route to the Pokémon Village, the group was attacked by Xerosic. During the battle, Blue assisted X in the fight and revealed to everyone that he also possesses a Key Stone given to him from Gurkinn. Together with X's Salamè, Blue and X used their Key Stones to Mega Evolve both of their Pokémon into Mega Charizard Y for Blue and Mega Charizard X for X. The combined might of both Mega-Evolved Pokémon easily defeated Xerosic. Charizard later tried to help suppress Mewtwo's rage at the Pokémon Village alongside Rhyperior, Marisso, and Salamè. Despite their numbers, Mewtwo kept the advantage, easily knocking them away with Psywave.

Personality and characteristics

Charizard's Charizardite Y

As a Charmeleon, Charizard was shown as a very serious Pokémon, ignoring those he didn't respect. After evolving, Charizard became more friendly and relaxed, now being able to work with people other than his Trainer, most particularly Red throughout the latter two of three temporary trades after having been dismissive of his Trainer's rival during the first occasion as a Charmeleon. Charizard is also very brave and outgoing. He is very loyal and has an extremely strong relationship with Blue.


See also: Mega Evolution
As a Charmander As a Charmeleon As a Mega Charizard Y
Blue Charmander.png Blue Charmeleon.png Blue Mega Charizard Y.png

Moves used

Blue Charizard Flamethrower.png
Using Flamethrower
Blue Charizard Fire Spin.png
Using Fire Spin
Move First Used In
Ember A Glimpse of the Glow
Fire Spin That Awful Arbok!
Reflect That Awful Arbok!
Fly  Kalling Kadabra*
Flamethrower  Kalling Kadabra*
Fire Punch A Charizard...and a Champion
Blast Burn  My, My, My Mimic*
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • As a Charmander, he is shown to have spines on his back. This is the same as on Generation I sprites and early artwork but is absent in those of future generations.
  • At level 89, Charizard is tied with Snor for being the highest leveled Pokémon belonging to a Pokédex holder.
  • Charizard is the first Pokémon belonging to a Pokédex holder to use a move it cannot cannot legally learn in the games.
  • Charizard, as a Charmander, is the first known Pokémon belonging to a Pokédex holder to have evolved while under their ownership.
  • Out of all the Pokémon in the Pokémon Adventures manga, Charizard has been traded the most, being traded a total of six times. Each of these trades took place between Blue and Red.

See also

For more information on this Pokémon's species, see Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard.

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