April Fools' Day 2018

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April 1, 2018 was an April Fools' Day that fell on a Sunday. In the Pokémon fandom, some websites pulled hoaxes on gullible fans.


The Pokémon Company

Pokémon GO

  • 8-bit graphics for Pokémon sprites were announced, and then released in Pokémon GO. The 8-bit graphics were kept until April 7.[19]

Pokémon Duel

Data for Carlo

Figure information

Deep Learning ディープラーニング
At the start of your turn, instead of making an MP move, you may rewind the duel by three turns. Your turn ends.

Data Disk
Shutdown シャットダウン 20 pt.
The opposing player's device is shut down. You win the duel.
Miss ミス 4 pt.
Automata オートマタ 20 pt.
The opposing player becomes paralyzed. Choose one of your opponent's plates. That plate is now used.
Miss ミス 4 pt.
Extreme Speed しんそく 20 pt.
Miss ミス 4 pt.
Sleep Mode スリープモード 20 pt.
This figure falls asleep. Until the end of the duel, this figure cannot be tagged.
Miss ミス 4 pt.
*This image is for April Pools'.


Aesthetic changes

  • The Bulbagarden Forums were changed into GardenGarden with accompanying Garden theme and names for rooms.
  • Pokémon Central Wiki changed its main page to Pokémon Central Rainbow Rocket Wiki and designed it to reflect this.


  • New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) added an Eevee mascot as one of their new pro-wrestler signed to the company. He was scheduled to fight wrestler EVIL on April 1, 2018.[22]
  • During a press conference, the Udon-prefecture announced that they would change their name to Yadon-prefecture (Slowpoke) to boost tourism and that Slowpoke would become their newly appointed Prefecture Governor. They even displayed some Slowpoke merchandise to sell and showed a commercial.[23][24]


April Fools' Day

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