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As Champion, you can now access Cerulean Cave, which was previously off-limits because of the powerful Pokémon inside. This is where Mewtwo fled after destroying the research facility on Cinnabar Island.

Cerulean Cave

This is a treacherous, sprawling cave, so make sure that you are well-prepared. Stock up on Ultra Balls and bring the Super Rod along, too. Bring a Pokémon that can use Surf, and pack that Master Ball if you still have it. Mewtwo is one tough fighter, even harder to catch than the legendary birds, so you're in for a long battle if you've used it already. Head north to Route 24 and surf south along the river to reach the cave.

Cerulean Cave, 1F
Cerulean Cave, 2F
Cerulean Cave, B1F


Surf westward, pick up the Max Elixer, and climb the ladder to the second floor.


Head north for an Ultra Ball, then east for a Max Revive. Climb down the ladder to the northeast.


Surf southeast to reach a Rare Candy. Go west from the ladder to collect another Ultra Ball, then climb the ladder to the southwest.


Go northwest to reach a fork in the road. Take the northern trail to reach a Full Restore, then follow the southern path to the ladder in the northeast.


Head south from the rock platform to pick up a Max Revive. Follow the trail westward to the next ladder.


Grab the Rare Candy to the south, then climb down the ladder in the northwest.


Climb down the final ladder to reach the basement.


Follow the trail eastward to reach a Max Elixer, then head south. Use Surf to reach the platform in the southwest, and collect the Ultra Ball and the Max Revive. Head northeast and cross the platform to reach another Ultra Ball. Turn south and cross the last pool of water to reach the southeast platform, where Mewtwo awaits.


Not only is it the strongest Pokémon in the game, but it's already at level 70! If you don't have the Master Ball, this battle will be even tougher than catching the legendary birds. Be sure to save the game before approaching it, as you have only one chance to catch it. Mewtwo can restore its health nearly a dozen times with Recover, and is only vulnerable to Bug-type attacks. However, the three damage-inflicting Bug-type moves are fairly weak. It may be better to use the legendary birds, as they are nearly Mewtwo's equals in terms of power. Inflicting status ailments can make the battle quite a bit easier, as a burn eats away at its health, and being frozen prevents it from attacking or recovering.

Spr 1y 150.png
Psychic Unknown
Mewtwo Lv.70

With Cerulean Cave cleared, the storyline is now complete. Even though there are no more Gym Leaders to defeat, you still have a task to finish: completing the Pokédex for Professor Oak. If you manage to do it, you can show it to the Game Freak employees in Celadon for your reward.

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