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Silver Trench

After rescuing Latias from Pitfall Valley, aim to recruit Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos from their respective dungeons. (Frosty Forest, Mt. Blaze, and Mt. Thunder.) After doing both, visit either of the three in the Legendary Island Friend Area to obtain the Vortex Stone from Articuno. It will give you access to the Silver Trench, to find the guardian of the sea.

Inside the Dungeon

This is another 99 floor dungeon, and you need Dive to enter. Max Elixirs stop appearing at B20F, and Blue Gummis and Grimy Food stop at B30F. Bring extra food and elixirs, because of a large number of Grimy and PP-Zero Traps in the dungeon. Fixed monster houses appear on B15F, B35F, B55F and B75F, on the first room of the floor.

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Vaporeon (Pokémon) Vaporeon 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 22 Unrecruitable
Wingull (Pokémon) Wingull 1-5 23 12.5%
Tentacool (Pokémon) Tentacool 1-8 25 8.3%
Shellder (Pokémon) Shellder 1-9 20 12.2%
Omanyte (Pokémon) Omanyte 1-9 25 8.0%
Qwilfish (Pokémon) Qwilfish 1-9 30 6.9%
Kabuto (Pokémon) Kabuto 5-13 28 7.2%
Corsola (Pokémon) Corsola 5-13 27 8.3%
Slowpoke (Pokémon) Slowpoke 6-14 25 12%
Seel (Pokémon) Seel 6-14 30 3.9%
Spheal (Pokémon) Spheal 10-19 18 8.8%
Horsea (Pokémon) Horsea 10-20 29 12.4%
Anorith (Pokémon) Anorith 14-23 21 8.7%
Krabby (Pokémon) Krabby 15-24 32 8.0%
Staryu (Pokémon) Staryu 15-25 28 8.9%
Grimer (Pokémon) Grimer 20-29 32 12.2%
Omastar (Pokémon) Omastar 20-29 35 Unrecruitable
Kabutops (Pokémon) Kabutops 24-34 28 Unrecruitable
Sealeo (Pokémon) Sealeo 25-33 22 -19.0%
Kingler (Pokémon) Kingler 26-35 35 Unrecruitable
Slowbro (Pokémon) Slowbro 30-36 27 Unrecruitable
Seadra (Pokémon) Seadra 30-39 20 -19.0%
Carvanha (Pokémon) Carvanha 30-39 27 8.9%
Tentacruel (Pokémon) Tentacruel 35-44 33 -30.0%
Starmie (Pokémon) Starmie 35-44 22 Unrecruitable
Armaldo (Pokémon) Armaldo 35-44 28 Unrecruitable
Wailmer (Pokémon) Wailmer 41-50 35 8.2%
Luvdisc (Pokémon) Luvdisc 45-54 30 8.6%
Dratini (Pokémon) Dratini 50-59 30 11.0%
Slowking (Pokémon) Slowking 50-59 38 Unrecruitable
Remoraid (Pokémon) Remoraid 50-59 21 8.8%
Dewgong (Pokémon) Dewgong 55-64 35 Unrecruitable
Muk (Pokémon) Muk 60-69 36 Unrecruitable
Octillery (Pokémon) Octillery 60-69 30 -30.0%
Sharpedo (Pokémon) Sharpedo 60-69 35 Unrecruitable
Walrein (Pokémon) Walrein 60-69 28 Unrecruitable
Clamperl (Pokémon) Clamperl 65-79 35 8.5%
Chinchou (Pokémon) Chinchou 70-79 35 8.7%
Kingdra (Pokémon) Kingdra 70-79 40 Unrecruitable
Gorebyss (Pokémon) Gorebyss 71-79 36 Unrecruitable
Cloyster (Pokémon) Cloyster 80-89 35 Unrecruitable
Lileep (Pokémon) Lileep 80-89 40 7.3%
Relicanth (Pokémon) Relicanth 80-89 35 7.9%
Lanturn (Pokémon) Lanturn 90-98 45 Unrecruitable
Cradily (Pokémon) Cradily 90-98 45 -30.0%
Huntail (Pokémon) Huntail 90-98 30 Unrecruitable
Lugia (Pokémon) Lugia 99 30 99.9% Boss


On floor 99, you will find the guardian of the sea, Lugia.

Spr 3r 249.png
Psychic Flying
Held item:
Lugia Lv.30

Lugia has a 99.9% recruitment rate, so be sure to have your team size down to two stars when you battle it.

Meteor Cave

After recruiting Lugia, Xatu will appear outside your team base. Soon after, Blastoise will come by, and talk about seeing "weird things" in a dungeon. Xatu names it Meteor Cave, because it was made from a chunk of the destroyed meteor. Xatu then gives you access to the cave.

Inside the Dungeon

This is a unique dungeon. Only one Pokémon can enter, and only three items can be brought, four if you bring a held item. The only Pokémon you will find is Deoxys. There is one on each floor, and you have to defeat it to unlock the stairs. It will be in either Attack, Speed, or Defense form. This continues for 20 floors, until the end. It is very useful to bring Iron Thorns/Silver Spikes/Sticks to the dungeon, throwing them will be able to defeat each Deoxys easily.


Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Deoxys (Pokémon) Deoxys
Attack Forme
1-19 35 Unrecruitable
Deoxys (Pokémon) Deoxys
Defense Forme
1-19 35 Unrecruitable
Deoxys (Pokémon) Deoxys
Speed Forme
1-19 35 Unrecruitable
Deoxys (Pokémon) Deoxys
Normal Forme
20 35 -10%

Deoxys (Normal Form)

On floor 20, Deoxys is found in its recruitable Normal Form.

Spr 3r 386.png
Psychic Unknown
Held item:
Deoxys Lv.35
Night Shade
Cosmic Power
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