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These are Akari's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Jubilife Village - Floaro Main Street
"Who are you? I've never seen anyone dressed like you are. What if you were attacked by a Pokémon? You'd be minced meat in those flimsy clothes!"
"If the guard let you through, you must have ties with somebody in the village..."
"Perhaps you've met Professor Laventon? He's a scholar from a faraway place. His Pokémon do get away from him at times, though. It makes me a bit worried for him..."
"I suppose I'm hardly one to talk—I've had some trouble with Pokémon myself. I was hit by a Pokémon move called Thunder Shock not long ago and had to take to my bed. But the professor...well... I do wonder how long he'll last."
"Excuse me? You plan to appoint him to the Survey Corps? You can't just slap a badge on whoever you like without Captain Cyllene's permission!"
"Captain Cyllene?!"
Jubilife Village - Wallflower
"Professor Laventon, where exactly did you meet our...visitor here?"
"You can't be serious."
"That there are—in the grass, in forests, by water, or wherever they like. Our job as the Survey Corps is to research them and find out what kind of creatures they are!"
"Three?! We have a hard enough time catching even one when wild Pokémon come after us..."
Jubilife Village - Floaro Main Street
"Yes, the food was lovely. But more importantly... you do remember that <player> has a trial to pass to join the Survey Corps, don't you?"
"Captain Cyllene's somewhat like Hisui, in that they're both quite harsh."
"Yes, good night."
"A rift in the sky... People falling from it... The world is full of mysteries."
  • The next day
"Good morning, <player>. Are you up? Quite some lightning last night, wasn't it?"
"Today's the day of your trial. So, er...let's give it our all!"
"What lovely weather we've got! I hope you had a nice sleep, even if this land is strange and new to you."
"Let's get to headquarters. Captain Cyllene is waiting."
Galaxy Hall - Entrance Hall
"The Survey Corps' offices are here on the first fl—"
"That man's with the Security Corps...and even with his own partner, he took a beating from wild Pokémon. Without a partner Pokémon of your own, you might find this trial...particularly trying."
"Captain Cyllene? <player> is here."
Galaxy Hall - Cyllene's office
"Catching three Pokémon from the start? No one in the Galaxy Team has ever managed that..."
"That satchel doesn't exactly match your, er, mode of dress..."
Galaxy Hall - Entrance Hall
"Is something the matter, Professor Laventon?"
  • If talked to again before selecting partner Pokémon
"They're all so lovely..."
  • After selecting partner Pokémon
"They look as if they're cheering on their friend Rowlet/Cyndaquil/Oshawott."
"Or perhaps they're jealous that it gets to help you with your trial!"
"I guess you're finally ready! You'll have to leave the village for your trial. Turn left after you exit headquarters, then head for the gate."
Jubilife Village - Front Gate
"That's really something! Not only can you catch Pokémon—you can lead them in battle!"
"Now, to the Obsidian Fieldlands!"
"When you're leaving Jubilife Village, make sure you choose a destination from your map and tell Ress the guardsman where you're going."
"That way, someone can come to your aid if you're knocked out by a Pokémon."
"Your trial begins just a short way past that front gate!"
Obsidian Fieldlands - Fieldlands Camp
"This is our base camp—the last safe haven before you reach the wilds."
"For your trial, you must catch three species of Pokémon: Bidoof, Starly, and Shinx!"
"Are you ready to get started?"
"Oh, Professor? Is something wrong?"
"That's our unsparing captain. But what help exactly can you offer out here, Professor?"
"Ah. So the responsibility for him still lies, in fact, with me, then."
"Well, I'm sure <player> will be fine. Let's begin the trial!"
  • If the player tries to leave
"Are you sure you know where you're going?"
Obsidian Fieldlands - Aspiration Hill
"This is Aspiration Hill. The species of Pokémon you're meant to catch all live here."
"And along comes a Bidoof! Time to get ready to catch it."
"The key is to aim carefully. Not that you seem to need my advice—I'm just sharing what I know."
"Bidoof has a mellow disposition. That means it tends not to run from people, so this'll be easy!"
  • If talked to again
"You ought to be able to catch a Bidoof with a well-thrown Poké Ball."
  • If the player defeats Bidoof
"I think you were tasked with catching a Bidoof, not defeating it..."
  • If the player uses up all the Poké Balls
"Run dry of Poké Balls? Here, I've got some extra. Good luck!"
  • If the player tries to leave the area
"Excuse me! You've a Bidoof to catch!"
  • After catching Bidoof
"You caught a Bidoof! Well done! Time to find your next Pokémon."
  • Before catching Starly
"There's a Starly. They're skittish little things— they'll run if startled."
"But you should be able to get close to them if you crouch—you'll be harder to spot!"
  • If Starly escapes
"Well, that's a shame. Wave good-bye to that Starly, I suppose. As I said, they're skittish. If one spots you, you'll have a tough time catching it."
"Look! Another Starly. Crouch down before it spots you!"
"Crouching makes it harder for wild Pokémon to spot you, even outside tall grass."
  • If player defeats Starly
"I think you were tasked with catching Starly, not battling it..."
  • If the player uses up all the Poké Balls
"Run dry of Poké Balls? Here, I've got some extra. Good luck!"
  • If the player tries to leave the area
"Excuse me—you've a Starly to catch..."
  • After catching Starly
"That's Starly caught as well! Only one more Pokémon to go."
  • Near a tree
"I forgot—there's something I ought to teach you, since you're still new to this!"
"Here's the proper way to throw your partner's Poké Ball."
"As Captain Cyllene tells us... "Have an item at the ready but want to send out a Pokémon? Press X." "Have a Pokémon at the ready but want to throw an item? Press X." The captain's a real expert on these things."
"Try throwing your Pokémon's ball at rocks—or trees like this one—to have it investigate. If your Pokémon finds any Berries or other items, it'll bring them to you!"
"Now it's time for your partners to shine. We've reached your final hurdle: catching a Shinx."
  • Before catching Shinx
"There. That's Shinx."
"Shinx has an aggressive disposition. Could you already tell that?"
More or less: "I thought you might! I can never tell until I focus on a Pokémon carefully."
Not at all: "Not to worry! These things become clear once you focus on the Pokémon around you."
"Once aggressive Pokémon get irate, they'll knock aside any ball you throw at them."
"Don't worry, though! I'll teach you the trick to catching aggressive Pokémon!"
"You've got to battle them! Once they're absorbed with battling, you can throw a Poké Ball at them to try to catch them!"
"By now, you've got several Pokémon of your own, don't you?"
"Take one of their Poké Balls and throw it near a wild Pokémon you want to battle."
"I've got no doubt you'll hold your own in battle!"
  • If talked to again
"Just don't lose yourself in battle and forget to throw a Poké Ball at all!"
  • If the player defeats Shinx
"No, no! Don't knock the Shinx out—catch it! Even in battle, you can throw an empty Poké Ball at it, like you would any other time."
  • If the player tries to leave the area
"What? No, don't leave! You have to catch a Shinx!"
  • If all the player's Pokémon faint
"You're on the right track, using your partner's moves to weaken Shinx before catching it...but you mustn't let your Pokémon get knocked out!"
  • After catching Shinx
"You approached those Pokémon without a hint of fear...and caught each one! You're like a gift the sky dropped to us!"
"With you at our side, I think the Survey Corps has a real chance of compiling a complete Pokédex as we've been ordered!"
"This is wonderful! I'm still curious why on earth you came falling from the sky like you did...but for now, let's tell the professor we're ready to head back!"
Obsidian Fieldlands - Fieldlands Camp
"With skills like yours, I suppose this was a foregone conclusion!"
Jubilife Village - Floaro Main Street
"In time, you'll be able to send Pokémon you've caught to live in the village pastures."
"You can bring up to six Pokémon with you into the field, in theory. Though we've never had anyone skilled enough to do so!"
"I bet Captain Cyllene will be very pleased."
Galaxy Hall - Entrance Hall
  • Before changing into the Survey Corps uniform
"When you're ready to get into your uniform, make sure to use the mirror in your quarters."
  • After changing into the Survey Corps uniform
"Look how well our Survey Corps uniform suits you! It's almost as if the captain had it tailored just for you."
  • If talked to after changing to the Survey Corps uniform, or if the player tries to leave
"Our commander's room is on the third floor of the headquarters."
Galaxy Hall - Cyllene's office
"Of course, Captain Cyllene."
"Now, as the experienced craftsperson here, let me explain a bit to start with."
"Crafting means making items with your own two hands."
"You can buy some items at the general store, but self-sufficiency is worth striving for!"
"You can even make our most valuable tools: Poké Balls. Think where we'd be if we couldn't do that!"
"Let's head to the craftworks."
Jubilife Village - Craftworks
"This way to the craftworks, <player>!"
"You can use the workbench here at the craftworks anytime you need to make an item in the village."
"And I'll supply what you need to make your first Poké Balls once you're ready to begin. Call it my way of saying congratulations on joining us! Just spend the money you got from the captain on clothes—or whatever you think is best."
"Go up to the workbench, and choose an item to craft—in this case, a Poké Ball!"
"You'll have to complete lots of research tasks to help the professor fill out the Pokédex."
"The same goes for me, of course. I've also got Pokémon to research, as a Survey Corps member."
Obisidan Fieldlands - Fieldlands Camp
"One last piece of advice, <player>. If you see a wild Pokémon's attack coming your way...dodge like your life depends on it!"
Regardless of choice: "Here—watch closely, and remember what I do so you can do it later."
"That beautiful, flowing bit of gymnastics is what we call a dodge!"
"If you're light on your feet, you can dodge out of the way of wild Pokémon's attacks. That way, hopefully you can avoid taking a beating and blacking out in the wilderness."
"The Security Corps had to collect me when I...got the business end of some Shinx's Thunder Shock."
"But don't you worry! I've got lots of experience to draw on, and I'll teach you plenty!"
Obsidian Fieldlands - Aspiration Hill
"Now, let me share some Survey Corps wisdom! "Focus on a Pokémon with the ZL Button, then press the Down Button to open the Pokédex." You'll see what tasks you have for that Pokémon."
"You might've noticed that you have a research task to do with how many Bidoof you've caught. That's right—catching just one isn't enough. You need two, then four...then more and more!"
"And when it's time to battle a Pokémon... Remember the captain's switching wisdom! If you have items out, press X to ready your Pokémon! Give it a try now, if you want. I'll go on ahead."
"I think you've got it, but as a reminder: don't forget to open your Pokédex when you focus on on a Pokémon to check your research tasks for it! It's just ZL, then Down! Try checking your tasks for Starly next."
"One of your tasks is to catch Starly without being spotted, right? For that task, try catching them while hiding in some tall grass."
"I'll go wait for you up ahead. Come catch up once you've finished some tasks."
Obsidian Fieldlands - Horseshoe Plains
"Around here, you can find a Pokémon called Buizel. It's got an aggressive disposition."
"That means it'll try to hit you with its moves, just like Shinx, and you'll need to battle it to catch it."
"And speaking of which, your research tasks for Buizel include seeing it use a certain move. To be precise, you have to see it use the move in battle. That's right—some tasks require battling!"
"Now, I'll go on ahead. You take care of some of Buizel's research tasks, then come talk to me."
"You're really doing quite well for yourself!"
"Here! A little reward for keeping up with me: your own Crafting Kit!"
"And here's a recipe for Potions, too."
"With a Crafting Kit, you can craft items anywhere using any materials you have in your satchel! So long as you've got an Apricorn and a Tumblestone, you can make a Poké Ball anytime."
"Or with an Oran Berry and a Medicinal Leek, you can make a Potion. So do heal your Pokémon."
"How goes your research? The cover of your Pokédex will tell you if there are tasks you've finished and can report."
"Please report back to Professor Laventon once you've got some research tasks good and done."
Jubilife Village - Wallflower
"Potato mochi tastes so much better when you have something to be happy about!"
"Still, we'll be very busy from now on between our Survey Corps duties and requests from folks here. Which reminds me—have you already taken on that request from Beauregard?"
"The people of Jubilife aren't too familiar with Pokémon, you see... So if problems arise, the Survey Corps gets called to help."
"About that... I was thinking maybe <player> could handle it for me."
"I was told it would require a bit of skill with battling Pokémon, so..."
Jubilfe Village - Floaro Main Street
"Listen—do you have a bit of time after this? There's something I could use your help with."
Wait—now?: "Come on—please? I need your help. I mean...as your superior, I order you to help me!"
All right: "Thank you! I'll be waiting for you at the training grounds, then. If you've caught a lot of Pokémon, you may want to visit the pastures to change up your team."
Jubilife Village - Training Grounds
  • Before battle
"Thanks for coming. I know you're busy."
"Listen—I've had an epiphany!"
Regardless of choice: "You see, I've got a partner of my own. We may not get along perfectly, but we've got to work together to help complete the Pokédex!"
Regardless of choice: "Yes! Here—this is my partner, Pikachu!"
"When we were attacked by those Shinx, I got too scared to think straight, and...I couldn't handle battling as a team. Ever since then, my partner's refused to listen to anything I tell him..."
"And if I'm being honest, I'm not even sure how to order him—how to guide him in battle."
"But when I saw how you and your Pokémon work together, I realized we needed to do more, too..."
"So please! Have a battle with me. I want to learn how to fight effectively!"
  • Upon being defeated
"You and your Pokémon seems to be completely in step with one another."
  • After being defeated
"Phew. Thank you for battling us."
"I could be wrong, but...for a moment, I felt like Pikachu and I finally understood one another."
"Let's keep working at it. OK, Pikachu?"
"G-guess I was wrong, then. But I'll strive to work more as a team with my partner, the way you do..."
"Assuming Pikachu and I can...bridge some gaps."
"Oh, by the way—the professor said Pokémon have things called "types,' which apparently make a big difference in how battles go! Pikachu seems to be an Electric type, for example."
"Captain Zisu is a master of an ancient martial art—one that specializes in Pokémon battles."
"Zisu's teachings should serve you well when you're up against tough Pokémon! Now I suppose it's time I went to meet Mai."
"You remember? I mentioned at the Wallflower that I could use your help with Mai's request."
"I'm to meet her down past the foot of Aspiration Hill. You should come as well—once you've readied your Pokémon team and perhaps had them learn some new moves from Zisu, if you'd like!"
Obsidian Fieldlands - Aspiration Hill
"Over here!"
"Mai. This is <player>."
"That thing you have... It's showing you where you've got to go, isn't it?"
"I'll leave this in your hands. You'll do great out there—I know it!"
Obsidian Fieldlands - Deertrack Heights
"Professor Laventon! <player>!"
"Captain Cyllene sent me. She said that once <player> carried out this request, we'd be able to set up a base camp."
"If we want to "coexist and thrive" with Pokémon, we'll need to stop fearing them and start getting to know them better. That starts with completing the Pokédex!"
"Anyway, we should be able to have that base camp set up once the Construction Corps arrives."
"Having another base camp to start from will be a great help on our surveys!"
"Nice work today, everyone. What say we all head back to the Wallflower?"
Jubilife Village - Wallflower
"Are you certain? I've heard Kleavor's so mighty, even alpha Pokémon don't compare to him..."
Jubilife Village - Floaro Main Street
"Good morning, <player>!"
"You should hurry to the commander's office before he decides to use you for sumo practice!"
"There you are. Let's hurry to headquarters."
"You can feel the tension when those two show up."
"You haven't met them, have you? The woman with the reverence for space is Irida, leader of the Pearl Clan."
"The man who was going on and on about time, Adaman, leads the Diamond Clan."
"The Diamond Clan and the Pearl Clan grudgingly coexist at the moment. Apparently, things used to be less peaceful."
"But the boss—I mean, the commander—is waiting. We should save this conversation for after you report to him."
Galaxy Hall - Cyllene's office
"He certainly left quickly once he'd finished talking. I suppose he really values his time."
"Our new Heights Camp would be a handy place for setting out toward Grandtree Arena. And you should stop by the pastures, too. You'll want to choose the best Pokémon to bring."
Galaxy Hall - Laventon's office
"Why wouldn't you simply call them Laventon Balls, Professor?"
"Then you should get back to Grandtree Arena and let the Pearl Clan know our plan!"
Jubilife Village - Wallflower
"We can feel safer going about our Survey Corps duties now, thanks to your efforts."
"Oh, by the way—why not try crafting some of these? I made the recipe based on directions Beni gave me."
Jubilife Village - Front Gate
  • Before battle
"Oh, hello, <player>."
"I was just getting the itch to battle with you, and now here you are. It must be a sign!"
I've got a mission: "Even after all I did to help you acclimate? I think you owe me at least this much..."
You're right!: "Let's have a fine battle, so I can grow closer with Pikachu!"
  • If the player loses
  • If the player wins
"Oops! I keep finding myself caught up in observing the way the Pokémon use their moves..."
  • After losing the battle
"Wow—Pikachu and Mime Jr. did great! I'll give them some of their favorite Berries later as a reward!"
  • After winning the battle
"Pikachu may not be very happy with me after that."
"Thank you for battling with me. Here—have this new recipe."
"So I've been working on studying those strange space-time distortions. Do you know the ones I mean? They've been appearing here and there lately. It seems like they hold wonderful items—but frightfully strong Pokémon, too. If you plan to go into one, be careful about it! Now, time to head to the Mirelands Camp."
Crimson Mirelands - Mirelands Camp
"I've heard about your mission, <player>. If you're looking for the Solaceon Ruins, they're off that way."
"For now, I'll keep searching for those space-time distortions. There's little way of knowing when or where one might appear, but I'll do my best! It sure would be handy if my map could tell me..."
Jubilife Village - Front Gate
"There you are! You'd better hurry to the commander's office!"
Jubilife Village - Wallflower
"I don't disagree... Yet I keep doing the same thing day after day—is it really getting us anywhere? With our research or with carving out a life here?"
"Ah, well. Here's a flashy new recipe to try, <player>. It's for an item that should help scatter these gloomy thoughts."
Jubilife Village - Prelude Beach
"Commander? Irida from the Pearl Clan's arrived"
Jubilife Village - Wallflower
"I have a hard time imagining you making that trip on Basculegion's back, Professor..."
"Quite a change from the commander's usual preaching about tightening our belts until things grow more stable."
"It's almost like a fairy tale, isn't it—how you've fallen to us from the sky and gone on to help the people of Hisui so much?"
Jubilife Village - Front Gate
  • Before battle
"If Avalugg's as great and mighty as they say, he could very well cause avalanches..."
"But if the lord is suffering in its frenzy like people say, then wouldn't it be kinder to quell it?"
"Professor Laventon...?"
"The best support I can offer you now is another chance to practice your battle skills."
I'm gonna win: "I'm glad just to get the opportunity to battle you. The fact that I've been able to grow so much as a Survey Corps member and work together with Pikachu is due to you joining us."
I'd better not: "I may not be able to beat you, but there's always something to be learned from seeing how battle unfolds between different Pokémon."
  • Upon being defeated
"There's something so...natural about the sight of you and your Pokémon fighting together."
  • After battle
"About your mission in the icelands... Well, it will be a challenge. Be careful out there."
Jubilife Village - Wallflower
"Having the nobles all quelled puts a grave threat to rest. Now it's time we focused on our survey work... though we still can't let our guard down around regular wild Pokémon, of course!"
"Yes, someone might have been under attack by some frenzied noble this very moment if <player> hadn't come falling out of the sky to us."
"I still wonder, though—just what is the space-time rift, anyway? And what will make it finally go—? Wait! If the rift were to vanish, would that leave <player> stranded here?"
Regardless of choice: "Well, our little team is certainly very practiced at investigating things by now! We'll look into the matter and find a solution—I've no doubt. And even if we don't you'll always have a home here in Jubilife Village, <player>."
"That's right. We'll get it done, with <player> in the lead and me as the valiant assistant."
"Well, thanks for that, Professor! Then I guess I'd better eat my fill and get plenty of energy for another long day tomorrow."
Jubilife Village - Floaro Main Street
"What? Why?!"
Jubilife Village - Front Gate
"I'll also see him off."
Obsidian Fieldlands - Fieldlands Camp
"I can't believe the boss would do this... You were acting on his own orders when you quelled the frenzied nobles..."
"Perhaps you could try to go find Lian first? He's likely to be at Grandtree Arena."
Jubilife Village - Front Gate
"Welcome back!"
"It's been grim here. We in the Survey Corps hardly even speak to one another lately..."
"But with you back, maybe Captain Cyllene's appetite for potato mochi will return!"
"Anyway, wait here a minute, will you? I'll go and let the captain know you're back."
"The professor has been awfully worried about you, <player>."
"Th-that's blowing it out of proportion! I don't think it's appropriate for an adult to make things up just to hide their embarrassment. But, um, where is the captain? Wasn't she coming along with you, Professor?"
"That's why I was filling in for the regular guards, with Pikachu at the ready."
Galaxy Hall - Cyllene's Office
"However strong the commander himself may be, he should've gotten <player> to help..."
"Are you certain you can do that with the commander away, Captain?"
Jubilife Village - Front Gate
"That's right! <player> worked hard to get that Red Chain to help us."
Coronet Highlands - Temple of Sinnoh
"Looks like I taught him well."
Galaxy Hall - Laventon's Office
"Your turn, <player>. Next comes the stone of creation's beginning."
"This is my true battlefield, <player>. Even if it may be safe indoors."
Coronet Highlands - Temple of Sinnoh
"Formidable as usual, <player>!"
Jubilife Village - Floaro Main Street
  • After completing the main story
"Good morning, <player>."
"It looks like the space-time rift has vanished... The sky's gone back to normal again. Which I suppose means we'd better get back to our original mission: completing the Pokédex."
"We're going to meet in the Survey Corps office to discuss our next steps."
"See you there soon, <player>."
Galaxy Hall - Cyllene's Office
"With how little we know about Hisui's history and legends, it seems a tall order for us to tackle..."
  • If talked to
"I'm trying to help the professor categorize different Pokémon's habitats... but there are just so many of them!"
Jubilife Village - Training Grounds
  • Before battle (Regular Pokémon battle)
"Here I am! Get ready to face my full power!"
  • Upon being defeated (Regular Pokémon battle)
"I guess doing research tasks and learning is one thing, and using that knowledge well is another..."
  • After being defeated (Regular Pokémon battle)
"Thanks for a fine battle! I think I understand Pikachu and the others a bit better now—and vice versa. Battling certainly has its merits..."
Jubilife Village - Photography Studio
"I thought I'd send a photo of me and my Pokémon to my parents, just to show them that I'm all right. <player>, why don't you join us? I'd like to boast to them about my Survey Corps protégé!"
Request 98 - "Massive Mass Outbreak in the Coastlands"
Cobalt Coastlands - Beachside/Coastlands Camp
"I've got even more information from the Survey Corps to offer, Mai!"
"Professor Laventon and I have been researching these massive mass outbreaks, too—Captain Cyllene's orders."
"I'd be happy to share. I just have one little request, first."
"<player>! Battle me, please! I need to train more in order to become an even greater member of the Survey Corps!"
"I'll be waiting for you at Ginkgo Landing. I'm taking this seriously, so I hope you do too!"
Cobalt Coastlands - Ginkgo Landing
  • Before battle
"You'll have to battle me if you want to learn more about massive mass outbreaks!"
You're on!: "You've solved a lot of problems for us since you fell from the sky. But I still have more Survey Corps experience! I need to prove that you can depend on me!"
Let me get ready: "So you came just to see where we'll be battling? Maybe that's the secret to your strength... As if! Hurry up and get ready already!"
  • Upon being defeated
"What incredible strength. I'm proud to call you my protegé!"
  • After being defeated
"You're incredible, <player>. I want to become strong, like you. If I could become a worthy opponent, then I know I could do the Survey Corps proud!"
"Pikachu... You understand how I feel?!"
"If we can understand each other, that means Pikachu and I really can get stronger! And I think we'll start by sharing a nice big plate of potato mochi!"
"Oh no! I nearly forgot to tell you what I came to tell you!"
"I'll explain what the professor and I discussed."
"We think Pokémon are gathering around lingering traces of energy left behind by the space-time rift. But we need to investigate more to learn how those energy traces relate to the rainstorms."
"I promise, I'll become a worthy opponent to you, <player>! One you can depend on when you want to grow stronger yourself! I'll see you later, Mai!"