Variety Battle

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Variety Battle (Japanese: バラエティバトル Variety Battle) is an area that is only available after defeating the game in Pokémon Rumble U.

The stages in this area are unlocked by completing certain tasks through normal gameplay. These tasks may involve completing a certain amount of the Pokédex or other tasks. It is currently unknown exactly how each stage is actually unlocked.

A Battle in the Tower


  • Defeat the Bosses.
  • Don't destroy any rockets.
  • Use a Touch Blast.
  • Don't let any allies be defeated.
  • Use an uncommon Pokémon.

Clearing the challenges allows the player to obtain a blue capsule containing a Smeargle.


Venusaur Venusaur
Charizard Charizard
Blastoise Blastoise
Meganium Meganium
Typhlosion Typhlosion
Feraligatr Feraligatr
Smeargle Smeargle
Sceptile Sceptile
Blaziken Blaziken
Swampert Swampert
Torterra Torterra
Infernape Infernape
Empoleon Empoleon
Serperior Serperior
Emboar Emboar
Samurott Samurott

I Dunno, Audino


  • Guard Audino.
  • Get hit by Transform.
  • Destroy 4 or more Dice.
  • Spend at least 150 seconds clearing the battle.
  • Achieve a combo of 250 or more.

Clearing the challenges allows the player to obtain a blue capsule containing a Flygon.


There is no boss in this challenge. Instead, a final wave appears consisting of Wigglytuff and Ditto, of which more appear during the challenge.

Wigglytuff Wigglytuff
Slowpoke Slowpoke
Chansey Chansey
Ditto Ditto
Flaaffy Flaaffy
Miltank Miltank
Blissey Blissey
Skitty Skitty
Flygon Flygon
Happiny Happiny

Get 1,000 Combos!


  • Defeat the Bosses.
  • Achieve a combo of 1,000 or more.
  • Use Special Rend.
  • Clear the battle in the early morning.
  • Get 6 on the Dice.

Clearing the challenges allows the player to obtain a blue capsule containing a Linoone.


Each wave of enemies includes three first partner Pokémon and the "rat" from the same generation. Chingling is available from a capsule cage in this stage and is found exclusively there.

The five "rats" are co-bosses for the level. They have not been marked as such due to being part of their respective waves of enemies.

Bulbasaur Bulbasaur
Charmander Charmander
Squirtle Squirtle
Rattata Rattata
Chikorita Chikorita
Cyndaquil Cyndaquil
Totodile Totodile
Sentret Sentret
Treecko Treecko
Torchic Torchic
Mudkip Mudkip
Zigzagoon Zigzagoon
Linoone Linoone
Turtwig Turtwig
Chimchar Chimchar
Piplup Piplup
Bidoof Bidoof
Chingling Chingling
Capsule Cage
Snivy Snivy
Tepig Tepig
Oshawott Oshawott
Patrat Patrat

Pokémon on a Roll


  • Defeat the Boss.
  • Don't get hit by the Spike Ball.
  • Defeat your partners.
  • Achieve a combo of 80 or more.
  • Clear the battle on Saturday.

Clearing the challenges allows the player to obtain a blue capsule containing a Frost Rotom.


Geodude Geodude
Graveler Graveler
Golem Golem
Voltorb Voltorb
Electrode Electrode
Pineco Pineco
Forretress Forretress
Phanpy Phanpy
Donphan Donphan
Spheal Spheal
Rotom Frost Rotom
Whirlipede Whirlipede

Empoleon the Great


  • Defeat the Boss.
  • Avoid Freeze Beams.
  • Use Thundurus.
  • Clear the battle within 180 seconds.
  • Use a Touch Blast.

Clearing the challenges allows the player to obtain a blue capsule containing a Kyogre.


Shellder Shellder
Qwilfish Qwilfish
Corsola Corsola
Remoraid Remoraid
Mantine Mantine
Clamperl Clamperl
Relicanth Relicanth
Luvdisc Luvdisc
Kyogre Kyogre
Piplup Piplup
Prinplup Prinplup
Empoleon Empoleon
Finneon Finneon
Lumineon Lumineon
Mantyke Mantyke
Alomomola Alomomola

It's Drill Time!


  • Defeat the Boss in time.
  • Achieve a combo of 100 or more.
  • Use a supereffective Fighting-type move.
  • Use a Touch Blast.
  • Don't get hit by Horn Drill.

Clearing the challenges allows the player to obtain a blue capsule containing a Shaymin in its Sky Forme.


Beedrill Beedrill
Spearow Spearow
Sandshrew Sandshrew
Sandslash Sandslash
Nidoqueen Nidoqueen
Nidoking Nidoking
Diglett Diglett
Dugtrio Dugtrio
Rhyhorn Rhyhorn
Rhydon Rhydon
Smeargle Smeargle
Rhyperior Rhyperior
Shaymin Shaymin
Sky Forme
Drilbur Drilbur
Excadrill Excadrill

The Secret Ruins

This stage unlocks after the player collects all 649 Pokémon in the game. It is not known whether it's necessary to collect all forms of every Pokémon.


  • Defeat all enemies.


This stage features variants of Unown as in Bonus Round!, but this time they will fight the player. It is not known if one appears only as a reward.


Unown Unown A Unown Unown O
Unown Unown B Unown Unown P
Unown Unown C Unown Unown Q
Unown Unown D Unown Unown R
Unown Unown E Unown Unown S
Unown Unown F Unown Unown T
Unown Unown G Unown Unown U
Unown Unown H Unown Unown V
Unown Unown I Unown Unown W
Unown Unown J Unown Unown X
Unown Unown K Unown Unown Y
Unown Unown L Unown Unown Z
Unown Unown M Unown Unown !
Unown Unown N Unown Unown ?


  • The music track that plays on the map is the theme of Shop 'N Squirtle directly ported from Pokémon Channel.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Batailles Variées
Germany Flag.png German Abwechslungskampf
Italy Flag.png Italian Lotte fantasia
Spain Flag.png Spanish Batallas Dispares

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