Scarlet Book

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Scarlet Book
Scarlet Book
Bag Scarlet Book SV Sprite.png
Scarlet Book
Artwork from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
Introduced in Generation IX
Generation IX Bag Key items pocket icon.png Key items

The Scarlet Book (Japanese: スカーレットブック Scarlet Book) is a Key Item introduced in Generation IX. It is exclusive to Pokémon Scarlet. Its counterpart in Pokémon Violet is the Violet Book.

In the core series games


Games Cost Sell price


The first copy of the Scarlet Book is used in the Zero Lab to shut down Professor Sada's time machine.

The second copy of the Scarlet Book has no use other than triggering a short conversation with Arven at Naranja Academy.


Games Description
SV A record of the expedition that the author, Heath, went on within the Great Crater of Paldea. The book has the name “Sada” written on it in clumsy handwriting.
SVID A record of an expedition to the Great Crater of Paldea, given to you by Professor Sada. The book has the name “Sada” written on it in clumsy handwriting.


Games Method
S Area Zero (from Arven at the Research Station No.2)
SID Crystal Pool (from Professor Sada after catching Terapagos, in exchange for Briar's Book)


A copy of the Scarlet Book can be found and read at the lobby of Naranja Academy.

The Great Crater of Paldea

"A photograph from the survey team's point of ingress to the crater, which is visible in the background. Luck favored us with fine weather, making for a smooth outset. But clouds obscured the crater's distant depths, where the treasure of legend is said to lie. Now, onward and downward."

The Adventure into Area Zero

"Within the Great Crater of Paldea lies the mysterious Area Zero—a place home to such landscapes, such plant life, and such Pokémon as we had never seen. It is inhospitable to human life, and as such, I suspect something altogether unknown to humankind sleeps in its depths."
"A photograph of a spot where the survey team rested on day two of the expedition. Note the strange symbols inscribed in the ground here—were they left by explorers in the time of the Paldean Empire, or could they be older still? Regardless, they seemed as if they must hold some meaning."

Area Zero: Cartograph

"Ledges form a spiral down the inner walls of Area Zero, offering a path of descent. Vegetation and sources of water are here as well. Legends tell that precious stones or wondrous fruits have long slept in Area Zero's depths, protected by some manner of guardian."

Pokémon of Area Zero

"Sketches by a survey team member."
"Surprisingly, the Pokémon species we observed in the upper strata of Area Zero seemed little different from those seen outside the crater."
"Now and then, we heard unfamiliar cries from the lower strata."

Monsters of Area Zero

"As we descended further into Area Zero, we began to catch glimpses of mysterious Pokémon—though we wondered if these huge, ferocious beasts were indeed Pokémon at all. One of our team suffered a brutal blow from such a beast and was mortally wounded, forcing us to retreat for a time."
"A member of the survey team captured this photograph by chance. I notice a passing resemblance to the Pokémon known as Donphan, yet differences such as its sheer size and the shape of its back set it apart—as do its great tusks."

Herba Mystica

"Area Zero was home to wondrous herbs that instantly impart vigor when eaten. We dubbed them Herba Mystica and attempted to grow some in areas around Paldea. However, before we could harvest, the herbs were eaten by Pokémon—which in turn grew large and strong. We call these Titan Pokémon."

Mysterious Plates

"During our descent into Area Zero, we came across a buried metal plate inscribed with a strange symbol. We attempted to shave off a piece of the plate but failed to leave even a scratch. Even determining the nature of the metal seems beyond modern science. We know not why the inscription was made, let alone how."

The Legendary Treasure

"Countless days into our descent, we reached at last the very depths of the Great Crater. There we found a cave with formations of gemstone, shining blindingly bright as far as we could see. Perhaps that strange light itself is the guardian said to watch over treasure deep within the crater."

An Imagined Pokémon

"A drawing of a fantastical Pokémon as envisioned by our sketch artist. The size and ferocity of the strange Pokémon that dwell in Area Zero's lower reaches tickled the artist's imagination, prompting this sketch of what other species that inhabit these depths might look like."

A Phantom Memory

"During our exploration of Area Zero's depths, I—Heath—strayed from the team and was later found unconscious. When awoken, I could only recall speaking with someone in an unfamiliar place, as if in a dream. I was found holding the page shown here. The handwriting is my own, but I have no memory of writing this."

Our Generous Sponsor

"The author, Heath, pictured with the director of Naranja Academy. The academy's generous funding made the Area Zero Expedition possible, and the data gathered has been shared with the academy in hopes that it will aid in the institution's research work and foster future generations of scholars and scientists."

About the Author

"Heath, author of the Scarlet Book, shown here with his partner Cyclizar. A natural historian as well as a writer, he was chosen for the Area Zero Expedition and penned this account upon returning from the Great Crater of Paldea. Cyclizar aided the expedition as well by bearing the team's luggage and equipment."

A ▊isk P▊é▊n?

(The following section, which has been blacked out and made illegible, is taken from the published version of the book.)

"While sep▊ated from the resea▊h team in the crater's dep▊s, I found a s▊ange...en▊ty. Whether it was a ▊kémo▊, or even ▊liv▊ at all, I kn▊w no▊. It bore a s▊ll with layers of o▊rlapping he▊gons, and glea▊d brig▊er still than ▊ mstone. Vie▊d as a whole, it res▊led a mys▊ious, ▊illiant d▊sk."

A Disk Pokémon?

(The following section is taken from Heath's original manuscript, which is in the possession of Briar.)

"While separated from the research team in the crater's depths, I found a strange...entity. Whether it was a Pokémon, or even alive at all, I know not. It bore a shell with layers of overlapping hexagons, and gleamed brighter still than gemstone. Viewed as a whole, it resembled a mysterious, brilliant disk."
"I have tentatively named this creature Terapagos. I suspect that its very body is made up of the key material that causes Pokémon to shine brightly and crystallize."


Title screens

ScarletTitle.png ScarletTitle Post-DLC.png
The Scarlet Book in the standard title screen from Scarlet The Scarlet Book returned in the post-"The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero" title screen from Scarlet


  • The covers for the Scarlet Book and the Violet Book serve as a basis for the covers of the official Japanese Pokémon Scarlet and Violet art books.[1]

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 朱之書 Jyū-jī Syū
Mandarin 朱之書 / 朱之书 Zhū-zhī Shū
France Flag.png French Livre Écarlate
Germany Flag.png German Karmesinbuch
Italy Flag.png Italian Libro scarlatto
South Korea Flag.png Korean 스칼렛북 Scarlet Book
Spain Flag.png Spanish Libro Escarlata

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