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PS601 : Beedrill Prepares
Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
Hoopa, Warp
Shogakukan mini-volume Episode 6 in Vol. 1
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 6 in Vol. 2
Shogakukan full volume Ch. 602 in Vol. 63
Series Pokémon Adventures

(Japanese: フーパ、ゆがめる Hoopa, Warp) is the 602nd chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Emerald is shocked to find a glowing ring behind him. A hand emerges from the ring, and when Emerald reaches out toward it, the hand slaps his face. Realizing that it is a Pokémon who is attacking him, Emerald sprints into his room to grab his E Shooter. He runs back out with his Sceptile, but before he can fight back, the Pokémon appears behind him. Emerald tries to shoot mud at it, and Steven runs into the room when he hears the sound.

Not wanting Sceptile to tire itself out, Steven sends out his Metagross and Mega Evolves it. Mega Metagross tries to attack the mysterious Pokémon with Metal Claw, but it evades all of its attacks. Using mud from Faraway Island, Emerald shoots at the Pokémon. Right as Emerald wonders if the mud worked, the Pokémon vanishes in a flash of light. From behind a corner, Mr. Stone silently watches.

Back outside, Emerald explains to Steven how his E Shooter works—by calming Pokémon with mud from their home. He tells him that the reason he used mud from Faraway Island was because it was the birthplace of Mew, whom he refers to as the ancestor of all Pokémon. Emerald then asks Steven if they were fighting more than one opponent, as he saw another pair of eyes from inside one of the rings.

At the Sky Pillar, Ruby and Latios finish exploring the ruins, where Ruby has taken photos of a large mural. Ruby makes a plan to report back to Steven, then hops onto Latios's back. Before he departs, he spots several chains. Ruby thinks about how if one wishes to summon Rayquaza at the top of the tower, one person must pull the chain, while a child must stand in a circular pattern, then go to meet Rayquaza. He wonders if the Draconid people's method to save the world from the meteor involves summoning Rayquaza. Sensing Ruby is lost in thought, Latios asks him what he is thinking about.

Through a flashback, Ruby and Emerald have a talk after their meeting with Steven at his house in Mossdeep City. Since Ruby is too concerned about Sapphire's wellbeing to let her find out about the meteor, Emerald asks him if there's anyone else he would be willing to tell. Ruby thinks about his father and many others, but doesn't want to concern them. Emerald thinks about Crystal and the Trick Master, realizing he doesn't want to upset them either. Suddenly, Ruby thinks of Courtney. He remembers that she had left him a Memory Lighter, a detachable horn capable of recording video.

Ruby takes the lighter out of his bag, and he and Emerald crowd around it to watch as videos begin to play through a small screen composed of fire. After searching through videos, they find one where Courtney comes across someone disguising as a Team Magma Grunt. The grunt removes her uniform, and Zinnia is revealed. Courtney attacks her with her Ninetales, but Zinnia dodges by hopping onto her Salamence. Zinnia reveals that she has been working undercover with Team Magma on behalf of the Draconid people, then flies away with Aster. Courtney attempts to chase after her, but Maxie staggers into the area to tell her not to. While taking swigs from a bottle, Maxie tells her that Zinnia has given them all of the information they need, such as details about Groudon.

In the present, Ruby explains to Latios that after seeing Zinnia's Salamence in the video, he thought it would be important to speak with her. Ruby tells Latios that he's tempted to convince Steven and the rest of the Devon Corporation to stay out of the Draconid people's plan to deal with the meteor. Despite disliking Zinnia for a variety of reasons—which he lists to Latios—Ruby believes that she should be trusted.

As Ruby and Latios soar away from the Sky Pillar, Latios suddenly freezes, nearly throwing off Ruby. They look up to see three people heading their way, each being carried by a Flygon. The three surround Ruby and Latios, demanding to know what business he had with the Sky Pillar.

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  • In the Japanese mini-volume Volume 1, this chapter was titled (Japanese: EPISODE 6 Episode 6).

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PS601 : Beedrill Prepares
Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc
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