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PS488 : Growing Pains
Black & White arc
PS490 : A Stormy Time in the Battle Subway
Drawing Bridges
VS Gamagaru
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 29 in Vol. 9
Kurokawa mini-volume Chapter 29 in Vol. 4
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 489 in Vol. 47
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 29 in Vol. 5
Series Pokémon Adventures

Drawing Bridges (Japanese: VS ガマガル VS Palpitoad), titled VS Palpitoad in the Shogakukan Asia translation, is the 489th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 29th chapter of the Black & White arc.

It is subtitled Palpitoad (Japanese: 跳橋 Drawbridge) in the VIZ Media translation and Drawing Bridges in the Shogakukan Asia translation.


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Major events

For a list of all major events in the Pokémon Adventures manga, please see the history page.
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Pokémon debuts




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PS488 : Growing Pains
Black & White arc
PS490 : A Stormy Time in the Battle Subway
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