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PS013 : Sigh for Psyduck
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS015 : Wartortle Wars
That Awful Arbok!
VS アーボック
VS Arbok
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 14 in Vol. 1
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 14 in The Gastly Ghosts
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 14 in Vol. 1
Series Pokémon Adventures

That Awful Arbok! (Japanese: VS アーボック VS Arbok) is the 14th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details.

In the Pokémon Tower, Red calls out to Blue, but quickly realizes his eyes that his rival is being controlled by the mysterious fog of the Tower. Blue's Charmeleon quickly starts to attack, but gets captured by Saur's vines. Red refuses to let himself get distracted, knowing he needs to figure out who's possessing all the Pokémon. There's only one Pokémon he can think of that can take over bodies, the Gas Pokémon Gastly, by using its Psychic abilities.

Gastly reveals itself as Red commands Saur to use Razor Leaf, which ineffectually passes straight through Gastly's gaseous body. With no time to think about what to do, Charmeleon starts charging up a massive Fire Spin attack, and just before the Gastly controlling Blue can command the attack, Saur's bulb opens up and begins sucking in Gastly. Gastly quickly loses its psychic grip over Blue and Charmeleon, and they both collapse to the floor as Red commands Saur not to stop until he can feel that Gastly has been sucked in. Saur then sends out a massive Solar Beam, blowing out Gastly and creating a large hole in the side of the Tower.

After regaining consciousness, Blue thanks Red for the assistance, and despite Red's attempts to try and persuade him to find an exit together, Blue heads further into the Tower, aiming to take revenge the person who cast a spell on him. Red feels slighted at Blue's apparent lack of gratitude for the extensive rescue he's just performed and starts walking up the stairs after him, and just barely avoids touching a strange, thick liquid on the floor. The liquid suddenly towers up into a large wave, Blue explaining that it's corrosive venom from a Poison Pokémon and they need to stay focused to get through the situation. A laugh echoes through the room, and Koga reveals himself at Blue's demand.

Red recognizes him, and Koga officially introduces himself as an elite agent of Team Rocket, revealing that Team Rocket had been using the Tower as a base of operations, and thanks to the townspeople blaming everything on ghosts, they had managed to carry out operations undisturbed. Blue has his Charmeleon attack Koga, and as the the attack passes through him harmlessly, he realizes it's only a projection, with the real Koga controlling his Pokémon from somewhere else. Koga sends out his Arbok, commenting that he wouldn't have to die now if only he had been fine with being kept as a zombie. Arbok gives chase, spraying corrosive Acid as the two boys flee.

Blue leads the way back down the stairs, suddenly getting an idea. He commands Charmeleon to put up Reflect, as Arbok looms from above. Koga, well outside the Tower, is hanging in the claws of his Golbat, watching the battle on a Golbat-shaped screen. He's confident that nothing can stop Arbok, and Arbok sends down a shower of acid, breaking through the reflect and covering the Pokémon below, laughing as it starts to melt. Koga gloats at his victory, but is soon surprised as Charmeleon slices Arbok cleanly in two.

Blue explains that Arbok had instead melted the Psyduck corpse from earlier, and he would have been able to see Charmeleon using it as a shield if he had physically been there, instead of watching the battle at a distance. Red is left impressed, though he'll never tell that to Blue. Koga, off in the distance, crushes the device he had been using to monitor the battle in frustration, and swears vengeance.

Sometime later, Mr. Fuji thanks Red for restoring life back to Lavender Town, and for giving his deceased Doduo a proper resting place, but Red modestly credits Blue for what happened. As he watches Blue depart, Red continues on his journey.

Major events

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Pokémon debuts





  • This was the last chapter of the manga to be translated into Polish.


  • When Red encounters Koga, Koga states that, "...You'd think that an Evil Crime Syndicate could built a simple base...". Koga meant to say either "...could have built..." or "...could build..." instead.

Translation edits

  • In the Japanese version, Red thinks about the crowd of undead Pokémon while seeing Koga's Arbok that was split in two pieces by Blue's Charmeleon. In the Chuang Yi version, this was changed to Red thinking "Oo. This Blue is good. Not that I'll ever tell him that..."

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PS013 : Sigh for Psyduck
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS015 : Wartortle Wars
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