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PS014 : That Awful Arbok
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS016 : Tauros the Tyrant
Wartortle Wars
VS カメール
VS Kameil
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 15 in Vol. 2
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 15 in The Gastly Ghosts
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 15 in Vol. 2
Series Pokémon Adventures

Wartortle Wars (Japanese: VS カメール VS Kameil) is the 15th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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In an observation tower, a girl is excited to notice that there's a visitor, and rushes down after seeing Red in her binoculars. The focus shifts, and it's shown that Red and Saur have just finished battling a wild Primeape. Saur starts acting strange, and Red beings to wonder if something is wrong, just as he evolves into Ivysaur. He begins to celebrate, but gets surprised after hearing someone else joining in on the celebration behind them.

He turns around, revealing the same girl from earlier, as she continues congratulating both of them for their efforts, complementing Red's skill as a Pokémon Trainer. Red, feeling a little flustered, accepts the compliments, but the girl continues. She says that if only he had some "Pokémon items", he'd be able to get his Pokémon even stronger. She displays several items she has on hand, and begins talking about their function, as Red tries to back out of the conversation. The girl pleads with him, and she's able to coax him into buying PokémonDollar.png6000 worth of her items. Red leaves happily with an arm full of goods, his Pokémon trailing behind, clearly unpleased with his choice.

Red is given the chance to try out his new items when he is attacked by a wild Pinsir. He sends Pika into battle, using an HP Up. It doesn't seem to work, so he piles almost every item he bought onto his unimpressed Pikachu. He realizes as Pika is sent skyrocketing that he may have been cheated out of his money.

Sometime later, Red checks into the Pokémon Center in Celadon City. He delivers Pika to the nurse, and receives a call from Professor Oak, who expresses his pleasure at Saur's evolution. He also mentions Blue's Charmander evolving into Charmeleon, and then adds that the third starter Pokémon, Squirtle, is all that's left. Red suddenly wonders if there's been a third person Professor Oak sent out with a Pokédex, and asks what Squirtle's Trainer is like. Professor Oak has to admit that Squirtle was actually stolen from his lab, so he has no idea. Red leaves the Pokémon Center, frustrated that there's so many thieves and cheats in this world.

Red promises to himself that he'll never get ripped off ever again, as he hears the voice of the girl from earlier behind him, advertising an everything-must-go sale of her worthless items. Red confronts her, causing the girl to quickly pack up and leave as Red chases after her, demanding back his money. She sends out her Wartortle into the waterways next to her, making a getaway on its back. Red expresses surprise that she has a Pokémon, but keeps to his task and decides to throw out one of his Pokémon right at her. Snor fills the waterway, knocking her back onto the pavement.

Red again demands back his money, but instead the girl apologizes, saying she knew they didn't work, and she didn't do it for the money either—she just wanted to see him again, as she pulls him into a hug. She pleads with Red to forgive him for playing such a mean trick, and, quickly stepping to the side, dabs some of her saliva onto her eyes to mimic fake tears. She tries to get Red to comfort her, getting him close enough to be able to quickly push him back, causing him to stumble as she sends back out her Wartortle, and immediately attempts to attack him.

Red is ready for her, and leaps onto Snor, bragging that she can't outsmart a Trainer with two Badges before commanding his Pokémon to use a Mega Punch, which levels the pavement and knocks out the girl and Wartortle. Red decides to take back his money, and notices that her name, Green, is printed on her coin purse. He takes the opportunity to scan her Wartortle with his Pokédex, noticing that it's the evolved form of Squirtle, and thinks back to what Professor Oak told him, wondering if it could be the same Pokémon. Red walks off with Snor, telling her to stay out of trouble. Green quietly laughs to herself.

Later that night at the Celadon Hotel, Red realizes that his two Badges are both missing. Back in the observation tower, Green and Wartortle admire the two Badges she stole, musing to herself that she could have easily escaped, but there's just some things money can't buy.

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PS014 : That Awful Arbok
Red, Green & Blue arc
PS016 : Tauros the Tyrant
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