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The NEO-ONE (Japanese: ネオワン号 NEO-ONE) is a hovercraft vehicle developed by Professor Mirror, with the assistance of Todd Snap. In New Pokémon Snap, its self-navigation system allows the player to concentrate on taking photos while exploring Lental. It is the successor of the ZERO-ONE.

When fully upgraded by Professor Mirror, the NEO-ONE can safely navigate even through underwater courses or volcanoes. It is linked to the player's research camera, which can be used to access its different features (such as its turbo). The NEO-ONE will automatically slow down when the research camera is pointed in the predefined path's backwards direction, or when its zoom function is active. When exploring the Secret Side Path, the NEO-ONE is also shown to be capable of shrinking down smaller than most Pokémon.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 新壹號 Sānyāt Houh
Mandarin 新壹號 / 新壹号 Xīnyī Hào
France Flag.png French Neo One
Germany Flag.png German Neo-One-Mobil
Italy Flag.png Italian NEO-UNO
South Korea Flag.png Korean 네오원 Neo One
Spain Flag.png Spanish Neo-One

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