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Artwork of the ZERO-ONE in land mode

The ZERO-ONE (Japanese: ゼロワン号 No. ZERO-ONE) is an all-terrain safari vehicle designed by Professor Oak. It can acclimate itself to several different environments by using wheels, inflatable pontoons, and jet thrusters for travel over the ground, in the water, and through the air. The ZERO-ONE has no steering mechanism. Instead, it will follow a set path preprogrammed by Professor Oak that takes it to the goal gate. It has an automatic braking system which activates if a Pokémon should get in its path.

In New Pokémon Snap, it is implied that both the design and the technology of the NEO-ONE are directly inspired by the ZERO-ONE.

In the games

Pokémon Snap

Todd Snap rides in it in the Nintendo 64 game, Pokémon Snap. Using the ZERO-ONE, Todd is able to safely traverse the many locations of Pokémon Island. When he shows Professor Oak one of the Pokémon signs, Professor Oak upgrades it with the Dash Engine, which allows it to go faster.


One of the main features of the ZERO-ONE is that it can switch modes depending on its terrain. It has a land mode, a water mode, and an air mode. The transformations between the modes are shown when Todd finds the secret exits in the Tunnel and River.

The land mode features three off-road tires, and is used primarily at the Beach, in the Tunnel and at the Volcano.

When in water mode, the three tires are replaced with floatation devices that allow the ZERO-ONE to float over bodies of water. This mode is primarily used in the River and in the Valley.

In air mode, it is capable of hovering in the air by two jets that keep it airborne. This mode is primarily used in the Cave and on Rainbow Cloud.

Super Smash Bros. Melee


The ZERO-ONE is a random trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Trophy information

Many wild Pokémon live on Pokémon Island, and avid cameraman Todd uses the ZERO-ONE as his means to get close to them. The ZERO-ONE is fully automated: its progress is monitored and controlled by a series of strategically located beacons. The vehicle can instantly change its shape to allow it to travel by land, water, and air.

In the manga

The ZERO-ONE in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter

The ZERO-ONE appeared briefly in Omega Alpha Adventure 9, where Todd was seen riding the vehicle while listening to the news of the meteor headed for the Hoenn region, leaked to the public by the Lumiose Press editor-in-chief in an attempt to undermine Hoenn TV.


  • The Aquamole from Pokémon Ranger, another game by the same developer, bears a resemblance to the ZERO-ONE's water mode, and may have been designed that way in reference to Pokémon Snap.

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