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User:The Pokémon Master

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Hello. My name is The Pokémon Master, and I am a huge fan of the Pokémon franchise. I hope to make several worthwhile contributions during my time here.

My History With Pokémon

I can recall a time in my life when I had no interest whatsoever in Pokémon, back in kindergarten when it was very popular with the kids at school. As soon as I saw a commercial for it, I'd change the channel. My parents didn't understand why I didn't like it, and to be honest, I didn't have a reason. It was just one of those "stupid shows you never get into" in my opinion.

This all changed when I entered third grade. I woke up at 6:30 morning, still having about an hour of free time before I had to go to school. I went to watch TV, and the only thing child-friendly that was on was Pokémon. I watched it, and after just one episode, I was hooked. My mother wasn't too thrilled about this because she thought Pokémon was too violent, but I told her that if she wanted to see violence, she should watch Yu-Gi-Oh. Since then, I woke up before the crack of dawn every day for the remainder of that year to watch every subsequent episode of Pokémon. I now possess some of the TV episodes on DVD, as well as every movie ever made in the franchise.

Also during third grade, I was introduced to the next big area of the Pokémon franchise, the video games. A kid on my bus was playing Pokémon Ruby Version, and he allowed me to try it. This ultimately started my video gaming career, and I was delighted to receive a GameBoy Advance SP and a copy of Pokémon LeafGreen Version for Christmas that year. I started with a Squirtle, and I eventually beat the game after lots of practice until I lost my save data to an ActionReplay. I was devastated at the loss of my first-ever Pokémon game, but I had recently obtained a copy of Pokémon Ruby Version to keep me busy. Since obtaining LeafGreen, I have obtained every subsequent Pokémon game that was of interest to me.

I was introduced to the TCG aspect of Pokémon during fourth grade at a birthday party I was having with my friends, one of whom gave me all of his old Pokémon cards. While I didn't understand how to play the game officially, I made up my own rules to dominate opponents with and started collecting cards on my own. While I've been cheated and tricked during trades, I now am the proud owner of over 450 Pokémon cards, all of which are residing in mint condition in special binders I keep in my room.

To say Pokémon has changed my life is an understatement. My love for the franchise has consumed me to the extent that I wish I could be a Pokémon Trainer and travel the world while making friends with exotic creatures. The games are always good to fall back on if you're stuck on another from a different series, and the cards are fun to collect for bragging rights. The anime is always good for a laugh and an epic plotline where the movies are concerned, and the few friends I still have are my friends because of it. I even try making my own fan-additions to the franchise in all aspects! While I enjoy many other video game series besides Pokémon, it will always have a special place in my heart.

Interesting Facts About me and Pokémon

  • I usually never cry when watching a sad movie. The only exception to this was when watching Pokémon Heroes.
  • I only learned to ride a bike so that my parents would buy me Pokémon Emerald Version. They said it would be my reward if, and only if, I did so.
  • I don't believe in nick-naming my Pokémon. I think the entire ability to do so is stupid and pointless. During my first playthrough of LeafGreen, I admit to naming a Weedle "Ben," but since then, no other Pokémon in any of my games has been nick-named. I do not use the pre-nick-named Pokémon obtained through in-game trades whatsoever.
  • I am sexist when it comes to Pokémon. Unless a certain species only comes in the female gender, I capture and use only male or genderless Pokémon.
  • My personal strategy is "offense is the best defense." None of my Pokémon know defensive moves unless they come with an HP-restoration side-effect (the things I care about leveling up most are HP and strength when it comes to video games).
  • I have never lost a battle against a non-CPU player. The only time I lose is when I battle against myself using two of my own Pokémon games (one of which goes into my sister's Nintendo DS while I use the other on mine) and purposefully lose.

My Pokémon teams

Pokémon Diamond Version

Alternate team

Pokémon White Version

Pokémon White Version 2

Pokémon Y

Alternate Team