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User:Darth Zekrom

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It's me! . . . or Zekrom.


Hi, I'm Darth Zekrom. I started with Pokémon when my cousin left his Pokémon LeafGreen cartridge at my house a few years ago, beginning my love of Charizard. Since then, I've given his game back, but I've bought Pokémon HeartGold, Pokémon White, and Pokémon Platinum, which explains why I like Feraligatr, Serperior, and Empoleon. (I had high hopes for Platinum, but then I walked out of Twinleaf and found a Bidoof. That was an bad sign. Then I got to the Great Marsh . . . and found a Bibarel.) I know very little about the TCG and all I know about the anime is that everyone wants to put Ash on a ship for some reason. I can help with spelling and grammar for those though. In case you're wondering about my username, I like Darth Vader, the best villain ever, and Zekrom, the best legendary ever.


HeartGold (1st playthrough)