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Pokémon X and Y beta

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Like previous major releases, especially those that set a new generation, Pokémon X and Y went through multiple development stages, many of which included several elements that were eventually dropped or revised before the games' release. Some of these components can still be found within their internal data.


Route 3

A pre-release screenshot of Route 3 depicts the route with a different camera angle, a different trainer, and lacking the big tree on the left side near the lake.

Lumiose City

A pre-release screenshot of Estival Avenue in Lumiose City shows the Lumi Cab in a different spot.

Parfum Palace

A pre-release screenshot of the bridge in the courtyard of Parfum Palace depicts the bridge as very long and thin, whereas in the final version it is long and has a thick gold part underneath the bridge.

Coumarine Gym

A pre-release image of Coumarine Gym shows the ledges the players jumps onto ropes as being the same color green as the rest of the floor, but in the final version the ledges are a darker green. In addition, the log that the rope is attached to sticks out further than it does in the final version.

Shiny Gogoat

Pre-release footage of X and Y showed a Shiny Gogoat. Gogoat's Shiny coloration was drastically altered in the final release.

Oblivion Wing

A pre-release image of Oblivion Wing shows the beam of energy as being pure red in color, compared to the final version which has two burgundy-colored streaks inside the beam with some red.

Gym guide

A pre-release screenshot of the Anistar Gym shows a Gym guide who is a young man with light brown hair, a necktie, and brown shoes. In the final version, however, the Gym guide is an adult man with dark brown hair, suspenders, and dark-colored shoes.

Gardevoir and Fairy Wind

The E3 trailer for Pokémon X and Y showed a wild Gardevoir using Fairy Wind on a Hydreigon. In the final game, neither Gardevoir nor its pre-evolutions could learn this move.


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