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Spacial Rift

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Spacial Rift
Dark Crater →
Spacial Rift そらのさけめ
Sky Fissure
Basic info
Floors: 25
Rest stops: 1
Traps: Yes
Main type: Various
Boss: Palkia*
Recruiting: Yes
Items: Allowed
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 4

Spacial Rift (Japanese: そらのさけめ Sky Fissure) is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It has 15 basement floors, a nine-floor deep portion, and a one-floor lower portion. It can be accessed by talking to Lapras on the beach after clearing The Nightmare. On their first visit, due to being dragged in there by Palkia, the player only has their partner and their hero, who the deity accuses of distorting space without his permission, convinced by Darkrai posing as Cresselia. They are also prohibited from recruiting Pokémon in the dungeon. Interestingly, Drowzee, Sableye and Dusknoir, all primary antagonists in the storyline, can be recruited here.

There is a locked room on the ninth floor of Deep Spacial Rift which contains a treasure box.

Subsequent visits will not be permitted until the player defeats Darkrai at the bottom of Dark Crater. Pokémon in the dungeon will then be recruitable.

Pokémon encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
441 Chatot 1-6 49 -10%
452 Drapion 1-6 48 -12%
178 Xatu 1-7 48 -12%
475 Gallade 1-9 48 -12%
064 Kadabra 1-9, 11-15; Deepest Part 1-4, 6-9 50-53 -4.5%
135 Jolteon 1-15; Deepest Part 1-4, 6-9 45-50 -12%
430 Honchkrow 1-15; Deepest Part 1-4, 6-9 53 -12%
006 Charizard 1-15; Deepest Part 1-9 49-53 -12%
462 Magnezone 1-15; Deepest Part 1-9 49-53 -12%
466 Electivire 1-15; Deepest Part 1-9 50-53 -12%
302 Sableye 1-15; Deepest Part 1-9 48-52 8.2%
338 Solrock 4-10 10-14 6.4%
358 Chimecho 5-15; Deepest Part 1-9 52 6.9%
207 Gligar 6-15; Deepest Part 1-9 49-53 8.2%
436 Bronzor 7-12 7 8.2%
454 Toxicroak 7-15; Deepest Part 1-9 50 -12%
380 Latias 10 44 0.1% *
357 Tropius 12-15; Deepest Part 1-2 50-53 6.4%
491 Darkrai 14 53 -22% *
477 Dusknoir 14-15; Deepest Part 1-4 48-50 8.2%
096 Drowzee 15; Deepest Part 1-4 15 6.4%
442 Spiritomb 15; Deepest Part 1-5 51 -10%
137 Porygon Deepest Part 3-9 10-14 6.4%
381 Latios Deepest Part 5 44 0.1% *
097 Hypno Deepest Part 6-9 53 -4.5%
337 Lunatone Deepest Part 6-9 10-14 6.4%
484 Palkia Bottom 48 100% Boss
Palkia cannot be recruited on the first visit.

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