Inferno Cave

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Inferno Cave


Inferno Cave れっかのどうくつ
Inferno Cave
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Basic info
Floors: 30
Rest stops: No
Traps: Yes
Monster Houses: Yes
Main type: Fire, Ghost
Boss: Entei*
Recruiting: No
Items: 8
Money: No
Starting level: Current
Team members: 1

Inferno Cave (Japanese: れっかのどうくつ Inferno Cave) is a dungeon exclusive to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky which is accessible after receiving the challenge request from Entei. It is mainly filled with Fire-type Pokémon. Only the leader can enter this dungeon, and it cannot be entered until the player's team has reached Guildmaster Rank. Inferno Cave's difficult characteristics and tight restrictions are similar to the three dungeons before it: the player cannot bring any money, is only allowed eight items, cannot call for a rescue upon being defeated, and may encounter Random Traps and Grudge Traps along the way. The last floor contains one Deluxe Box containing an IQ Booster and a Warp Zone to transport the player out of the dungeon.

Pokémon encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
316 Gulpin 1-8 64-66 Unrecruitable
092 Gastly 1-10 64-67 Unrecruitable
322 Numel 1-10 64-67 Unrecruitable
408 Cranidos 1-10 64-67 Unrecruitable
126 Magmar 1-13 64-68 Unrecruitable
425 Drifloon 1-14 64-68 Unrecruitable
353 Shuppet 1-15 64-68 Unrecruitable
306 Aggron 1-29 64-69 Unrecruitable
200 Misdreavus 1-29 64-69 Unrecruitable
164 Noctowl 1-29 64-69 Unrecruitable
078 Rapidash 1-29 64-69 Unrecruitable
157 Typhlosion 1-29 64-69 Unrecruitable
037 Vulpix 1-29 64-69 Unrecruitable
317 Swalot 9-29 66-69 Unrecruitable
323 Camerupt 11-18 67-69 Unrecruitable
093 Haunter 11-20 67-69 Unrecruitable
409 Rampardos 11-29 67-69 Unrecruitable
426 Drifblim 15-29 68-69 Unrecruitable
467 Magmortar 15-29 68-69 Unrecruitable
354 Banette 16-29 69 Unrecruitable
324 Torkoal 19-29 69 Unrecruitable
094 Gengar 21-29 69 Unrecruitable
244 Entei 15-29 65 100% Boss
Entei can only be fought through challege request

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Grotte Baiser
Germany Flag.png German Infernohöle
Italy Flag.png Italian Grotta Infuocata
Spain Flag.png Spanish Cueva Flama

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