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Vast Ice Mountain

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Vast Ice Mountain
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Vast Ice Mountain だいひょうざん
Vast Ice Mountain
Vast ice mountain.png
Basic info
Floors: 17
Rest stops: 1
Traps: Yes
Main type: None
Boss: Primal Dialga
Recruiting: No
Items: 48
Money: Allowed
Starting level: Current
Team members: 3
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Vast Ice Mountain (Japanese: だいひょうざん Vast Ice Mountain) is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky only. This two-part stage is the last in a series of dungeons during the Special Episode In the Future of Darkness, where the player has to play as Grovyle and team up with Dusknoir and Celebi to prevent Primal Dialga from destroying the dark future and the entire world.

This is the stage before the second battle with Primal Dialga. Leading up to this stage, Grovyle is rescued from near-elimination by Dusknoir in a ploy by the latter to return back to the past; after Dusknoir saves Grovyle, Primal Dialga appears and thrashes Dusknoir about. Just when Primal Dialga is about to finish Dusknoir off, an aurora appears above all of the characters, and wind begins to blow, signifying that time is finally beginning to flow again, due to the heroic efforts of the player and player's partner in the past. The returning flow of time causes Primal Dialga to go berserk and charge headlong toward the Passage of Time at the summit of Vast Ice Mountain; the consequences of the Passage of Time's destruction are unknown but potentially devastating to time itself. Thus, the team of Grovyle, Dusknoir, and Celebi leave behind the four Sableye (who would only hold them back and slow them down if they came) and quickly traverse up Vast Ice Mountain.

There is a relay point after 9F. At the Vast Ice Mountain Pinnacle, Primal Dialga is seen standing in front of the Passage of Time, about to destroy it. As Grovyle and company stand against Primal Dialga, light begins to emanate from everyone's bodies, signifying that they will soon be erased from the changing timeline. Before this happens, Grovyle, Dusknoir, and Celebi fight their hardest against Primal Dialga and defeat it to prevent it from destroying the Passage of Time. Following this, everyone begins to disappear as the flow of time fully returns. However, everyone finds themselves still alive, even after the timeline changes. Dialga, who has returned to its normal state of being, explains that they were most likely spared by a being even more powerful than itself.

Pokémon encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
462 Magnezone 1-17 44 Unrecruitable
292 Shedinja 1-17 46 Unrecruitable
094 Gengar 1-17 43 Unrecruitable
376 Metagross 1-17 45 Unrecruitable
359 Absol 1-17 42 Unrecruitable
356 Dusclops 1-17 40 Unrecruitable
238 Smoochum 1-17 41 Unrecruitable
142 Aerodactyl 1-17 42 Unrecruitable
472 Gliscor 1-17 42 Unrecruitable
Because it is a Special Episode, no Pokémon can be recruited.

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