Chocovine Town

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Chocovine Town
アケビタウン Akebi Town
Chocovine Town.png
Chocovine Town
Region Sinnoh
Debut Cheers on Castaways Isle!
Chocovine Town Contest Hall

Chocovine Town (Japanese: アケビタウン Akebi Town) is an anime-exclusive location in the Sinnoh region. It is located southeast of Snowpoint City, as shown in Steeling Peace of Mind!. It has a Contest Hall.

It was first mentioned in A Breed Stampede!, when Marian announced on television that the town would host the next Pokémon Contest. In Leading a Stray!, Ash and his friends attempt to leave Canalave City for Chocovine Town, but the ferry is cancelled due to a group of Wailord blocking the harbor.

The town first appeared at the end of Cheers on Castaways Isle!, when Ash and his friends were taken there by boat by Officer Jenny.

In Hold the Phione!, it was shown that many Phione migrate to the town every year. Phione merchandise is sold in the town yearly in relation to this event, and tourists are able to take a ride on a submarine to hopefully see the Phione up close.

In Another One Gabites the Dust!, Dawn, Ursula, and Jessilina competed against several other Coordinators in the Chocovine Contest. During the Performance Stage, the three of them managed to deliver performances which impressed the panel of judges. As a result, they were allowed to advance to the Battle Stage. There, Ursula defeated Jessilina, but lost to Dawn, who earned her fourth Ribbon.


Phione anime.png
Phione (×3)
Chocovine Town Qwilfish.png
Qwilfish (multiple)
Chocovine Town Luvdisc.png
Luvdisc (multiple)
Chocovine Town Finneon.png
Finneon (multiple)


Language Name Origin
Japanese アケビタウン Akebi Town From 木通 akebi, chocolate vine
English, German Chocovine Town From chocolate vine
French Chocoliane From chocolat (chocolate) and liane (liana)
Italian Cioccovitopoli From cioccolato (chocolate) and vite (vine)
Spanish Pueblo Chocovine Same as English name
Korean 으름마을 Eureum Maeul From 으름덩굴 euleum deong-gul, chocolate vine
Chinese (Mandarin) 木通鎮 Mùtōng Zhèn From 木通 mùtōng, chocolate vine

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