Arrowroot Town

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Arrowroot Town
カタクリタウン Katakuri Town
Arrowroot Town.png
Arrowroot Town
Region Sinnoh
Debut Dawn of a Royal Day!

Arrowroot Town (Japanese: カタクリタウン Katakuri Town) is an anime-exclusive location in Sinnoh. It is located between Sunyshore City and Lake Valor.

Arrowroot Town is a small town with colorful buildings, it has its own Contest Hall and also a Palace. Arrowroot Palace is where Princess Salvia and her servants live.

A Pokémon Contest was held there in Dawn of a Royal Day!. Princess Salvia wanted to participate, so she swapped places with Dawn, allowing Salvia to enter.

Later, after Salvia won the Contest, she decided to give the Ribbon to Jessilina, who had made it to the finals with her, in order to allow her to enter the Grand Festival. In the end Salvia also gives her Togekiss to Dawn because it would be much better off with her.



Language Name Origin
Japanese カタクリタウン Katakuri Town From 片栗 katakuri (fawn lily, dogtooth violet) or 片栗粉 katakuri-ko (potato starch)
English Arrowroot Town From arrowroot, one of the sources for the arrowroot starch
French Marantaville From Maranta, the genus that contains the arrowroot
German Pfeilwurzstadt From Pfeilwurz, arrowroot
Italian Marantavilla From the genus Maranta
Spanish Pueblo Arrurruz From arrurruz, arrowroot
Korean 얼레지타운 Eolleji Town From 얼레지 eolleji, fawn lily
Chinese (Mandarin) 片栗鎮 Piān​lì​ Zhèn​ From 片栗 katakuri
Chinese (Cantonese) 片栗鎮 Pinleuht Jan

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