Brussel Town

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Brussel Town
メキャベツタウン Mekyabetsu Town
Brussel Town.png
Brussel Town
Region Sinnoh
Debut Double-Time Battle Training!

Brussel Town (Japanese: メキャベツタウン Mekyabetsu Town) is an anime-exclusive location in Sinnoh. It is located somewhere between Mt. Coronet and Sunyshore City.

It was featured in Double-Time Battle Training! as a venue for a Pokémon Contest. Zoey won her fifth Ribbon here with her Glameow after a battle against Rebecca and her Shuckle. Jessilina had also entered this Contest but lost before the finals.


Language Name Origin
Japanese メキャベツタウン Mekyabetsu Town From メキャベツ brussels sprout.
English Brussel Town From brussels sprout.
French Brussalia From brussels sprout.
Spanish Pueblo Brusela* From brusela, common name for Vinca major.
Pueblo Repollo* From repollo, cabbage.
Chinese (Taiwan) 芽甘藍鎮 Yágānlán Zhèn From 芽甘藍 yágānlán, brussels sprout.

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