Majolica Town

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Majolica Town
カワラケタウン Kawarake Town
Majolica Town.png
Majolica Town
Region Sinnoh
Debut A Shield With a Twist!

Majolica Town (Japanese: カワラケタウン Kawarake Town) is an anime-exclusive location in Sinnoh. It is a small port town surrounded by a giant forest. Like many other towns in the region, it is home to a Contest Hall, attracting many Pokémon Coordinators on a journey to collect the five needed Ribbons to enter the Sinnoh Grand Festival.

Majolica Town Contest Hall

It was featured in A Shield with a Twist!, in which Team Rocket was shown walking the streets of Majolica Town when James and Meowth spotted a poster for a Pokémon Contest to be held later that day. They talked about it with Jessie and she decided to participate, rushing to the Contest Hall and leaving them behind. The competition was held to help raise funds for the town's revitalization project.

Jessilina entered the Majolica Contest in hopes of winning her second Contest Ribbon. In the Performance Stage, she used her Yanmega. After being sent out of her Poké Ball with a Heart Seal, Yanmega was shown using Silver Wind to blow the ribbons out of Jessilina's hair to let if flow with the wind, fascinating the members of the audience.

The Battle Stage was not shown, but Jessilina emerged victorious. After Jessilina's victory, the Chief of the Pokémon Activities Committee, Raoul Contesta, awarded her with the coveted Majolica Ribbon while the other contestants were shown on stage applauding her.


Language Name Origin
Japanese カワラケタウン Kawarake Town From the 河原決明 kawaraketsumei, Chamaecrista.
English Majolica Town From a type of ceramics, a possible reference to 土器 kawarake (earthenware).
French Majolica Same as English name.
Spanish Pueblo Majolica Same as English name.
Chinese (Taiwan) 河原家鎮 Héyuán-jiā Zhèn From 河原家 kawarake. 河原家 means "river plain home".

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