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Appendix:HeartGold and SoulSilver walkthrough/Section 28

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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions. This walkthrough follows the remade Nintendo DS versions, not Pokémon Gold and Silver.
The guide for those can be found here.

Route 22

Route 22

Route 22 is a terraced path that follows the mountainous landscape. To the west, it connects to the Pokémon League Reception Gate, which is also accessible from New Bark Town by way of Route 26. Continue west past the Gate, and you'll be on Route 28, the way to Mt. Silver.

Route 28

Route 28

Because of the rocky, uneven terrain, you can't reach the north side of Route 28 yet. In order to do so, you'll need to reach the Poké Center near the mountain's entrance, and double-back to the east. Cut down the tree and visit the reclusive Idol inside the lone house — for being one of her "fans", she gives you TM47 (Steel Wing). Continue east along the grassy ledge to find TM35 (Flamethrower) as well as a hidden Rare Candy. Head back to the west to reach the foot of the imposing mountain.

The Foot of Mt Silver

Surf across the pond in the south to reach a Reaper Cloth, which evolves a Dusclops into Dusknoir when traded. Stop by the Poké Center to rest your team, and assemble a hardy team of heavy-hitters — the battle that awaits you on the mountain's peak will be the toughest yet. Your team should wield a wide array of attack types, but don't forget to include Surf, Rock Smash, Waterfall, and Rock Climb, or you won't make it to the top. Double-check that your Pokémon are capable of taking on an opposing team with levels in the 80s, and step inside the hallowed mountain. If your Pokémon are not capable to do so, you can still train your Pokémon inside(just stay close to the entrance), or you can fight the Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champion again until your Pokémon reaches Level 80.

Mt Silver

Mt Silver

Mt. Silver is a rough, forbidding mountain that looms on the border between the Johto and Kanto regions. It's so dangerous that travelers are only allowed inside if they have Professor Oak's permission. The caves inside are enormous, making it that much more of a challenge to reach the mountaintop.

Main Chamber

First off, let's track down the third of the legendary birds. From the mountain's entrance, surf west across the water and use the Waterfall move to continue north. Climb onto the bit of land to the northeast to reach an Expert Belt, which strengthens super-effective moves by 20%. Surf to the northwest and climb the rock wall. Check the lone rock for an Ultra Ball, and climb the next waterfall. Step inside the rear chamber to see Moltres roosting below.

Rear West Chamber

You won't catch it without a fight, so be ready for its Flamethrower and Air Slash attacks. Start off with Water- or Electric-type moves(don't try Rock-type moves -- Rock type is Moltres' major weakness and your Pokémon are probably at a higher level than it) to take a bite out of its HP, then follow up with Fire- or Fighting-type attacks to gradually weaken it. Like the other legendary birds, if you end up defeating it, you can encounter it again in the same location by defeating the Elite Four and Champion.

Spr 4h 146.png
Fire Flying
Held item:
Moltres Lv.50
Air Slash
Flying Special
Normal Status
Fire Special
Rock Special

Depending on how rough that battle was, you may need to leave to rest your team. The mountaintop is still a long way off, so don't plow ahead if your team is in trouble. Don't think of it as a retreat, think of it as a "tactical withdrawal". If you have an extra Escape Rope, you may want to use it now. Come back after healing in the Pokémon Center, head north from the entrance, climb the wall, and step out onto the mountainside.


Walk to the south and grab the Escape Rope, then follow the trail up the side of the mountain. When you reach the highest level, turn south to find TM76 (Stealth Rock) before heading north. Step inside the first cave entrance you see for a Full Restore, and continue along the narrow mountainside path to reach the next cave entrance.

Main Chamber

Walk west along the narrow cliff, then turn to the north. Check the lone rock to the northeast for a hidden Revive, then climb the large stairway to the next chamber.

Interior 1

The large crater in this chamber will force you to walk in circles to reach the upper levels. Hunt down the Max Elixir, Max Revive, and Calcium, and step through the exit on the highest northern cliff to reach the mountain's snow-covered midsection.

Snowy Exterior

Before you take a step, turn to the left and check the rock for a Max Ether. Step inside the first cave opening you see to reach the crater chamber, pick up the Protein and a hidden Iron, then walk back out into the snow. Head south to the next opening.

Follow the cliff to the south, and another exit.

Head south, then west around the side of the mountain. Don't enter the next cave yet, but scale the cliffside to reach a Pure Incense and a hidden Rare Candy on the highest cliff. Climb back down the mountainside and step into the cave again.

Walk to the west, and take the next exit back into the snow.

Scale the first cliff, and now you've got a few choices. You can climb up the eastern side to find a hidden Hyper Potion, and you can grab a Dawn Stone from the western side. Climb back up the central part of the cliff to step inside the next part of the mountain.

Interior 2

All you can do here is to follow the trail to the west, and use Rock Climb yet again to scale a huge cliff. Don't miss the Max Revive hidden on the rock to the east — with the intense impending battle ahead of you, it couldn't hurt to have an extra Revive. Take the time now to use any health or status items you need. Step out through the exit onto the mountain's snow-covered peak, and get ready for your toughest battle yet!

Mountain Peak

Walk along the narrow, snowy trail, and you'll come face-to-face with the last great challenge of the game—the former Pokémon League Champion, Pokémon Trainer Red. He commands the highest-leveled team in the game, ranging from level 80 to level 88 (even stronger than he was in Gold and Silver, where his highest level was 81, so having your Pokémon at only Level 75 means that you will probably not be able to win, and if your Pokémon are at Level 70 or below, your Pokémon are probably doomed). In order to take on his team, your Pokémon will need access to a powerful array of offensive moves in order to counter all of his team's types. Even with a type advantage, your team members will need to be at level 80 at the very least in order to stand a chance(having your Pokémon at Level 85 is recommended). Don't hesitate to switch out your Pokémon in order to have a type advantage against Red's current Pokémon; after all, Red will be targeting your weaknesses, and he might also switch out his Pokémon instead of healing with Full Restores whenever his Pokémon are in danger. Heal as often as you need to, and use extreme caution if any of your Pokémon are vulnerable to Ice-type moves — three of his Pokémon know Blizzard, which has perfect accuracy due to the swirling hailstorm. With the right team, right moves and a huge stock of healing items, you should be able to defeat this legendary Trainer and finally become the ultimate Pokémon master!

Pokémon Trainer Red

Because you are battling atop a snowy mountain peak, the snow and ice swirling around you will influence the battle from the beginning. Ice-types are immune to the hailstorm, but all other types will take damage.


Red starts off with his Pikachu, at a staggering level 88, it's the HIGHEST-leveled Pokémon owned by an opposing Trainer ever. Because of its Light Ball, its Attack and Special Attack are doubled, making it that much more of a threat. Its Volt Tackle (an Electric-type Double-Edge) will deal a LOT of damage, so you need to get rid of this electric mouse if you want any hope of defeating Red. One bright side to its signature attack is that it takes 33% of the damage it dishes out in recoil damage. Electric-types only fear one thing — Ground-type attacks, so let loose an Earthquake for a super-effective hit. Pikachu's Defense is terrible, so 1 or 2 good physical hits should also do the job (just be careful that you don't use a move that makes contact, or Pikachu may paralyze your Pokémon with its ability, Static). Since Pikachu has Iron Tail, it can deal heavy damage to opposing Pokémon that are partly Rock-type, so it is not a bad idea to send a pure Ground-type that can take a hit and hit Pikachu super-effectively with a good Physical-based move that doesn't make contact, like Earthquake. Pikachu also has Thunderbolt to deal a lot of damage and Quick Attack to attack first, but a sturdy Ground-type will stop it in its tracks.


The Grass/Poison-type Venusaur is vulnerable to offensive Fire-, Ice-, Flying-, and Psychic-type moves, having the most weaknesses on Red's team (tied with Lapras). One of Red's favorite combos is to have Venusaur use Sleep Powder followed by Giga Drain; as a non-Ice-type, this lets it interfere with your offense as well as restoring its ever-depleting HP due to the hailstorm. Be on the lookout for its Frenzy Plant attack (a Grass-type Hyper Beam that does a lot of damage, but forces the user to recharge after firing and only has 5 PP), and fire off a Flamethrower, Brave Bird, Psychic or other strong attacks that are Fire-type, Flying-type, Ice-type or Psychic-type-type. You can also take advantage of the weather by using your own super-accurate Blizzard. Be careful when Venusaur is low on health -- its Overgrow ability will kick in and boosts the power of its Grass-type moves (in this case, Giga Drain and Frenzy Plant). Frenzy Plant can knock your Pokémon out in a single hit if Overgrow kicked in, so you might want to hit it with a weaker attack to make sure Overgrow won't activate, then hammer it with your strongest super-effective move.


As a Fire/Flying-type, Charizard fears only Water-, Electric-, and Rock-type attacks, especially Rock-type moves, which deal quadruple damage. Remember, Charizard is all out offensive and hits hard, and can tear through your team if you're not careful. Look out for its Flare Blitz (a Fire-type Double-Edge, dealing serious recoil damage) and Blast Burn (a Fire-type Hyper Beam, forcing it to recharge after firing and only having 5 PP), as those are sure to cause some serious damage. Look out for its powerful Dragon Pulse and Air Slash, as well. Retaliate with moves like Surf, Waterfall, Thunderbolt, Stone Edge or Rock Slide (courtesy of Brock's TM80) to inflict the most damage. An alternative strategy could be to set up Stealth Rock against Pikachu, so that Charizard loses 50% of its health on switching in. Be careful when Charizard is low on health -- its Blaze ability will kick in and boosts the power of its Fire-type moves (in this case, Flare Blitz and Blast Burn). With Charizard's high Sp. Atk, and ability Blaze, Blast Burn will be unbearable. Even Flare Blitz can knock out your Pokémon in one shot if Blaze kicks in. Your best bet is to either set up Stealth Rock and OHKO it with a strong attack, or 2HKO it before it can do too much damage. Blast Burn will undoubtedly be devastating, but Charizard does have to take a turn to recharge after usage, which gives you a chance at a free hit or healing. Or you can inflict him with a status condition like paralysis and hope to get lucky.


Blastoise is a pure Water-type, so Grass- and Electric-type attacks will see the most success — just don't send a Grass-type Pokémon to do the job, because Blastoise's super-accurate Blizzard will make short work of it (although the Blizzard from Blastoise hurts less than Lapras'). Its Focus Blast attack also ensures that you won't use your own flabby Snorlax to oppose it (although you are unlikely to do so). Its Flash Cannon counters nothing that you will send in to fight against it, so don't worry about this move unless it hurts a lot. It's Hydro Cannon will be its most threatening move, but similar to Blast Burn and Frenzy Plant, this move is a Water-type Hyper Beam, making Blastoise recharge after firing. Moreover, this move is its only Water-type move and only has 5 PP. Like Charizard and Venusaur, Blastoise has the Torrent ability, which also kicks in when it is low on health and boosts the power of its Water-type moves (in this case, only Hydro Cannon), making Hydro Cannon able to knock your Pokémon out in 1 hit. Hopefully you have some high-level Electric Pokémon that can zap it into submission before it has a chance to activate Torrent and go on a Hydro Cannon rampage.


When facing his Lapras, be careful of its Blizzard move, which now has perfect accuracy and same-type attack bonus. The Blizzard coming from Lapras will hurt the most and deal a TON of damage. Getting rid of the hailstorm or changing the weather may help. If not, when it pulls off a Blizzard, there is a chance that you will be unable to attack for 5 turns due to freezing (you probably have to heal or revive your Pokémon until Lapras uses up the PP of Blizzard). Electric-type attacks are probably your best bet. If you choose to attack with Fighting-type moves, avoid using a Fighting-type Pokémon, because of Lapras' Psychic attack. Never underestimate it, even if it is Red's lowest-leveled Pokémon (at only level 80). Brine can catch your Pokémon off guard when your Pokémon's HP is less than half, and it's a Water-type move. Rock-type and Grass-type Pokémon are not good choices either. Don't expect landing a critical hit -- Lapras' ability Shell Armor prevents that.


Like Pikachu, Snorlax is only weak against attacks of a single type; in this case, the Fighting-type. Despite being a Normal-type and a Sleeping Pokémon, it also knows attacks that you may not expect — Shadow Ball, Crunch and Blizzard. Luckily, Snorlax has quite low Special Attack, so Shadow Ball should not deal too much damage, but Crunch is quite powerful. This means that you can't expect to use a Ghost-type's immunity to help you take it down. If you get unlucky, Shadow Ball and Crunch will reduce your Sp. Def and Defense. Its Giga Impact move is a variation of Hyper Beam, but also forces it to rest for a turn and only has 5 PP. In addition, it is the third of Red's Pokémon that can call in the bone-chilling snowstorm, making it even more essential to defeat it as soon as possible (although Snorlax's doesn't hurt a lot). Moves like Close Combat and Superpower will be the most damaging. Because of its lower Defense, it is a good idea to stick to Physical attacks. It has forgotten all moves that are related to sleeping, such as Rest, Snore and Sleep Talk, so don't worry about putting it to sleep.

If you manage to defeat him, Red pauses for a second, and disappears in the blink of an eye. Don't worry, he's not gone forever — defeat the Elite Four and the Champion again, and Red will reappear on the mountaintop, staring off into the swirling snow.

The game saves your progress, the credits roll for a second time and you will start off again at your home in New Bark Town... but you're still not done! Take some time to chill out at home before heading off again — since Professor Oak was the one who let you climb the mountain, he'll want to hear how you defeated a former Champion like Red. Cut across the Johto border, and fly back to Pallet Town.

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