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These are Zossie's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series

Pokémon Ultra Sun

Route 1
"You don't have to try so hard to act like you're not interested, you know? Maybe a festival isn't so bad sometimes. The aura measurements are pretty high, too!"
"We've just gotta make sure the Blinding One can shine like it used to again, right! So let's get started by having a look around!"
Iki Town
"You looked like you were enjoying the show. Did you want to take part in the battles, too?"
"Yeah, what'd they call that thing? A Z-Power Ring? Its aura readings were off the chart! Do you think that's why they can control auras like that? Alola is definitely an amazing place! Let's go check the next site!"
Route 2
"Yup! The aura levels are really high!"
"Maybe I could go in as a trial-goer? Take on the trial and everything? Though I don't have one of those island challenge amulet thingies…"
Verdant Cavern
"Wow! A Z-Crystal!"
"I'm Zossie! You're kind of awesome, you know?"
"And we're part of the Ultra Recon Squad, yup! That ball thing you used there... That is some amazing bit of tech! We might just have to borrow that idea!"
"We're investigating all about Z-Crystals and auras and all kinds of stuff. So I guess we'll probably see you around!"
Seaward Cave
"Phew... Running around like this sure is tiring! Whoa! So the people of Alola meet in places like this, too, huh?"
  • After Dulse is defeated:
"So, Dulse, what're we gonna do?"
"What about that other girl, though?"
Paniola Ranch
"Wait, those were Pokémon?! I totally thought they were just plants!"
"I knew it! You can't just challenge people like that! Sorry, Mister/Miss Trainer. But do you think a battle would be OK?"
  • If the player declines:
"That's what I thought. It's way too sudden!"
  • After Dulse is defeated:
"Your Z-Power Ring... It's so pretty when it shines like that!"
"How should I know? See you around, Trainer!"
Dividing Peak Tunnel
"Wow! The aura readings are going crazy!"
"Hey! <Player>"
"Dulse? It's about time for our meeting."
Aether Paradise
"And I'm Zossie!"
"See, this Necrozma is, like, unbelievably strong! It can wield light however it likes, and sure, it does run wild sometimes, but it also shares this mysterious light it has with others, too!"
Tapu Village
"An Alola to you!"
"That's why we have Necrozma cooped up in the Megalo Tower our great ancestors built. It contains Necrozma in its rage."
Aether Paradise
"An Alola to you, <player>!"
  • After defeating Dulse:
"You people here in Alola really are something, being able to make your Pokémon battle and all!"
"The president is going to help us."
"Please don't get in our way..."
Lusamine's room
"Miss President... Why would she do this...?"
"We rode on the back of a Pokémon like that! That's how we got here to Alola!"
"Mister/Miss Trainer...and all of you... If Necrozma awakens, it will come to steal the light from Alola. You must protect your world's light! Alola is so brilliant and nice!"
Vast Poni Canyon
  • After defeating Dulse:
"Mm-hmm. The people of Alola get along and get to know each other through Pokémon battles."
  • If talked to again
"I wonder if a Trainer would even be able to befriend a beast like Necrozma..."
Altar of the Sunne
"And I really loved Alola's light... It was so warm..."
"Now's no time to be fighting, Dulse!"
"We call it the Ultra Warp Ride! If you want to go after Necrozma, you'll need to reach the white warp hole and go through it. Any other warp hole will send you to a different world altogether."
"Do you want to ride on Lunala to try to reach the white warp hole?"
I'll do that: "Lunala! Help us out!"
  • After defeating Necrozma at Megalo Tower:
"Thank you so much!"
"The auras of Alola came from Necrozma! They're the remnants of the light it emitted long ago!"
"Ooh, ooh! I want to become friends with Diglett!"
Route 1
"Oh, hey there, <player>! Congrats on becoming the Champion!"
"And being the Champion means you're stronger than the island kahuna, right?"
  • If the player responds "Of course!" to Dulse:
"All right! Another trip together!"
Poni Grove
"They must be very uneasy being here in a new world. I should know, that's how I was, too."
"Moving right along, here are some Beast Balls for you! They're the same ones you can buy at Aether Paradise, but they gave them to us since this is an emergency. Isn't that nice?"
"For you, too, Hau!"
"They're probably nervous, and that makes them rowdy! A battle will help them calm down!"
"Come out, Blacephalon! You want to go home, too, right?"
  • After defeating the first Blacephalon:
"Hau! <player>! You were both amazing!"
"Let's see... It seems like there are still a few Blacephalon wandering around."
"Anyone would want to go home if they suddenly found themselves in a strange world..."
  • After defeating the second Blacephalon:
"Hau gave us the Blacephalon he caught!"
"More things for us to research!"
Lake of the Moone
"Dulse, would you stop getting ahead of yourself! I want to go on my own island challenge here in Alola already! Do you think I could get an island challenge amulet of my own if I moved to Alola to stay?"

Pokémon Ultra Moon

Ultra Megalopolis
"Whoa! An Alolan person appeared riding on Solgaleo's back! Dulse, what should we do?! D'you think we should investigate him/her?!"
"If you wanna go back to the world of Alola, you can take our Solgaleo."
  • If the player answers "I'll do that":
"Help him/her out, Solgaleo!"
"Be careful, people of Alola... Necrozma is really strong."
"Yeah, Necrozma is amazing! That's why...if you could just help it calm down... I bet it would share its light with everybody again, like it used to. Please... You've got to help it!"
Megalo Tower
  • After defeating Necrozma
"Oh? What's Poipole acting up for now?"
"Hey, Dulse... Do you think maybe Poipole is curious about this Alolan person, too?"
"If you wanna go back to your world of Alola, Solgaleo can get you there."
  • If the player responds, "I'll take you up on that offer":
"Help him/her out, Solgaleo!"
Ultra Megalopolis (post-game)
"I'll let you ride on our Solgaleo if you wanna go back to the world of Alola! Or would you rather ride on our Lunala instead?"
  • If the player responds, "Hold on, I'm not ready yet...":
"Got it! And come talk to me if you change your mind about which Pokémon you want to ride!"