Water/Psychic Battle Strength Set (TCG)

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バトル強化セット 水/超
Water Psychic Battle Strength Set.jpg
Water/Psychic Battle Strength Set
Release date December 26, 2015

The Water/Psychic Battle Strength Set (Japanese: バトル強化セット 水/超) is one of three special Japanese-exclusive sets released on December 26, 2015 for the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


This 16-card set centers on the Bubble Jet Pokémon Vaporeon and the Constraint Pokémon Meowstic, both of which are Pokémon-EX, as well as a few other Water-type and Psychic-type Pokémon. The set also features a number of Trainer and Special Energy cards that support the types included. Unlike the majority of fixed card releases in Japan, the set does not have its own collection number or symbol, with reprinted cards bearing numbers, symbols, and rarity from their source expansions, and new cards printed as XY-P Promotional cards. Each set also comes with a player's guide.

Set list

Water/Psychic Battle Strength Set
No. Card Type Quantity
194/XY-P VaporeonEX Water
018/060 Lapras Water
062/070 Dive Ball I
068/070 Rough Seas St
080/080 Splash Energy Water E
196/XY-P MeowsticEX Psychic
026/060 Spoink Psychic
027/060 Grumpig Psychic
199/XY-P Olympia Su
087/088 Dimension Valley St
088/088 Mystery Energy Psychic E


The Lapras included in this set is Non Holofoil unlike its original Collection Y counterpart.

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