Chespin Deck (TCG)

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Chespin Deck
Chespin Kalos Starter Set Deck.jpg
Types used GrassFairy
Coin KSS Green Chespin Coin.png

The Chespin Deck of the Pokémon Trading Card Game is a Theme Deck predominantly focusing on Grass type Pokémon. Released November 8th, 2013, the Chespin Deck includes damage counters, a custom coin, one two-player mat, a Chespin deckbox and a TCGO deck access code.

A deluxe version of the deck was also released, which includes one Black & White Series booster pack with the deck.


Choose Chespin—Show Your Strength!

Start your adventure in the Kalos region with the Grass-type Pokémon Chespin and this 60-card ready-to-play deck! With spikes, toughness, and resilient Grass-type moves, this new deck is perfect for the small but fierce competitor who never gives up! With quiet strength, it grows and grows to outperform and outlast the competition! Plant the seeds of your future victory—start with the Chespin deck!

Deck list

Chespin Deck
No. Card Type Quantity
5/39 Chesnaught Grass
4/39 Quilladin Grass
3/39 Chespin Grass
2/39 Pansage Grass
1/39 Weedle Grass
23/39 Granbull Fairy
22/39 Snubbull Fairy
24/39 Swirlix Fairy
26/39 Snorlax Colorless
27/39 Miltank Colorless
30/39 Bunnelby Colorless
37/39 Potion I
38/39 Switch I
35/39 Poké Ball I
39/39 Tierno Su
- Grass Energy Grass E 12×
- Fairy Energy Fairy E 12×

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